Trash of The World: The Fine Art Of Trash Tossing All Around The Globe

On October 28, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Trash of The World: The Fine Art Of Trash Tossing All Around The Globe

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By: LeftRight Studios, Inc

Version #: 1.0

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Just imagine a world that is free from litter and garbage. This is the goal of the Trash of The World app. It asks the player to master their skills in trash tossing in a range of different environments.

The Trash of The World app is very unique in that it uses the touch screen features to challenge the player to hone their skills with drag and release tactics. The way it works is that the player will enter into one of the five locations available (which are all famous cities from around the world). They will then work to keep the beautifully hand-drawn settings entirely free of garbage by using a drag and release procedure to toss the trash into the nearest receptacle. There are three levels of difficulty in each city, and challenges will include winds that might divert an object from the trash, or the need to master the banking or trick shots to bounce debris off a wall and into the can. The game also features unique sound effects for each location and global leader boards to allow players to brag about their best shots.

There are many flick-style games, but few that offer such a unique and graphically appealing option as the Trash of The World app.

This game works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

There is no cost for the download of the Trash of The World app, and all updates are entirely free of charge.

If you want to do your part in cleaning up the most beautiful streets of the world, and with only a flick of the finger, this is the app to add to your device right away.

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