FoodScanner: Understand Nutritional Information About The Foods You Consume

On November 18, 2009

App Type: iPhone

FoodScanner: Understand Nutritional Information About The Foods You Consume

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By: DailyBurn

Version #: 1.1

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How can someone use barcodes to help them lose weight? The FoodScanner app allows the user to scan the UPS symbols and barcodes from the foods that they frequently consume and then find the nutritional information for that specific item in its vast database. If the user then inputs their food consumption for that day, the app will be able to instantly reveal how many calories, grams of fat, or carbohydrates their took in.

The FoodScanner app does not have any sort of subscription service, but it can be linked with an existing DailyBurn account to help the individual to document their nutritional intake and their dietary history. Currently the app’s database contains more than two hundred thousand items, which means that not finding a barcode is unlikely. If that does happen, however, the app has a custom feature that allows the individual to scan the code, put the data into the device memory, and use it again in the future.

There are many dieting apps, and even those that record barcodes to help monitor shopping bills, but this is a unique option that uses the data to help the individual to monitor their daily food intake. It is also the only app that can be integrated with a DailyBurn account as well.

The FoodScanner app costs $2.99 for the download and the DailyBurn account is not included. This app is designed to work exclusively with iPhone devices.

If you want to keep a close watch on the foods you eat, this is a good tool to download today.

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