Outside: Up To The Minute Weather Information Without A Window Nearby

On January 24, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Outside: Up To The Minute Weather Information Without A Window Nearby

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By: Robocat

Version #: 1.0

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Price: 2.99

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If you are someone who wants to know what is ahead of them in the coming day, and let’s face it most of us do, then the Outside app is a good tool for you to acquire. It presents the individual with the current weather conditions and even global forecasts too. The Outside app will use the device’s GPS feature to identify the current conditions and upcoming weather for the area.

The data is then displayed through the use of high-quality and greatly appealing graphics. The user can also set specialized notifications that include cold, t-shirt weather, rain, and UV warnings. Each of the notifications is custom set by the user. For example, the t-shirt weather warning has an adjustable temperature gauge, a menu of sound effects, and the phrasing on the warning to be received.

When these conditions occur the app will then send the notification to the individual according to the settings. The app also allows the individual to swipe through an array of screens that give current conditions, and upcoming conditions as well. They can even search for the weather anywhere in the world too.

There are all kinds of weather apps that include local, regional and global details, and the Outside app is a very competitive offering due to its unique notifications and its totally customizable settings.

The cost for the app is $2.99 and any updates are made available at no additional charge. This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want up to the minute weather delivered via a visually appealing and easy to use format, then this is one app to acquire right away.

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