TV Remote: WiFi Remote With Typing And Gesture Functions Included

On September 28, 2010

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TV Remote: WiFi Remote With Typing And Gesture Functions Included

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By: Samsung Electronics

Version #: 1.2

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Did you know that if you have Samsung Internet TV, your iPhone and TV can automatically connect to one another? This means that your mobile device can easily be converted into a highly efficient remote control through the TV Remote app. Those with the TV Remote app are going to be able to perform all of the basic remote control operations available.

This means that controlling the channel or volume can be quickly done with a touch of the screen, or it can also be managed if the Gesture features are selected too. This means that you simply tilt the device to get the results you want. The app also allows the mobile device to function as a game remote control too, and with all of the user interface features required for any Internet TV gaming. The app also enables the device to function like a remote keyboard as well, and this means that no additional wireless tools are required. Settings make the app and device totally customizable as well.

The TV Remote app is an exclusive for those with Samsung Internet TV, and it will even function with other compatible TVs located in other homes or locations too!

This app works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. There is no cost for the download of the app, and any upgrades will also be made available at no additional expense.

If you want to streamline the number of remotes and devices needed for your Internet TV, this is definitely the app to download today.

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