iTorch – Review

On September 1, 2008

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iTorch – Review

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By: Chillingo Ltd

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-20


Price: 0.99

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Seriously, 99 cents for this?  You get to pick your colour of light from 8 colours?  Wow.  Big Hairy Deal.  Flashlight 1.2 does this for free.  Are we just lambs here to add money to some guys bank account (and Apple’s) by buying stupid useless crap that is available free?  This isn’t an application with value that is going to grow.  This is the cheap version of the $10,000 red jewel.  Give me a break!
I decided I should check out the authors web site.  It is full of awesome app’s like “blinking lights”, “iChillout” (rainforest sounds), and “iRuler”.  Then there are a dozen or so soft core porn workout apps for other platforms.
I don’t know what the quality of their games are like (Tank Ace 1944), but judging by their other offerings, they won’t be seeing my business.  Apple has shown no leadership in the developers community by posting apps without any attempt to screen them.  This can’t be good for Apple’s reputation.  Just a cheap money grab to me.
Quick Take

Value: There is no value to the buyer that can’t be obtained for free elsewhere.

Would I Buy Again: Not even if I was trapped in a dark room.  I do have values!

Learning Curve: Non-existent.

Who is it for: Anyone with no desire to look at the competition and who has $1 burning a hole in his pocket

What I like: Not a blessed thing.

What I Don’t: The entire concept of charging money for garbage.

Final Statement: save your money.  Go get flashlight 1.2 for free.  It works.  I use it all the time.


Read the Developer's Notes:
iTorch turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual torch. iTorch comes with 8 built-in colours for you to choose from including:

1. White
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Green
5. Pink
6. Lilac
7. Orange
8. Yellow
Let's shed some light in dark places with the iPhone today!
iTorch is developed and published by Chillingo Ltd. O U R   R E V I E W . . .

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