iXpenseIt – Review

On September 1, 2008

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iXpenseIt – Review

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By: FYI Mobileware, Inc.

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-11


Price: 4.99

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I have considered getting an app like this a number of times before, but haven’t seen anything that came close to being as extensive as I wanted, until now.

iXpenseIt has almost all the things I was looking for in an expense tracker.  It has the ability to track business, personal, categories, and subcategories.  I can take a photo of the receipt and assign it to an expense, and I can chart my expenses in a variety of ways in the built in graphing system.  It even gives me the ability to export my data as a CSV file, HTML doc, or even email it from the iPhone.

The interface is very easy to use, and the app is definately worth the $4.99 that the developer is asking for it.

The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is because its missing just a few things that I’m hoping they will be adding to the next update;

1. There is currently no ability to zoom into your receipts after taking the photo and assigning it to an expense.  Sometimes, a receipt is just too large and zooming it after taking a photo of it woule help greatly if you want to take a look at it.  How about OCRing the receipts for text searching later? 🙂

2.  Exporting currently does not attach the photo of the receipt if one was taken. Obviously, this would be great for export.

3.  Syncing with an online service would be great, since i would love to keep track of my expenses in the same database in the case that i’m traveling and wanted to check from a central database.

If these are added, especially 1 and 2, I think this will be the mobile expense tracking app to beat.

Quick Take

Value: Large
Would I Buy Again: Definately
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Business users and anyone who wants to track expenses
What I like: Very complete feature set, Very easy to use.
What I Don’t: Needs the ability to export Photos and Zoom into receipt photos for a closer look. 

Final Statement: With a few feature additions, this would make the app to beat in the mobile expense tracking space.

Read the Developer's Notes:
iXpenselt by FYI Mobileware Inc. simplifies daily expense tracking. With iXpenselt, you can now record your expenses anywhere. anytime within seconds. Store your photo receipts is a snap. Customize your personal and business expenses with easy to understand reports. Take control of your expenses today with iXpenselt!
Key Features:
- Store digital photo receipts.
- Graphical Reports.
- Data Export.
- Customizable data types.
- Personalized settings.
- Easy Access. No Internet connection required.
- FREE updates.
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