Jam: Vol. 1 – Review

On December 3, 2008

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Jam: Vol. 1 – Review

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By: Reuben Bijl

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-11-21


Price: 9.99

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Jam Vol. 1 is a simple 4 track playback musical application that includes 5 Standard songs with which you can play along. The tracks consist of Drums, Piano, Bass and Saxophone. Each track’s volume can be totally controlled to set the "mix" of the band to your liking. Rather than using computer generated instruments, this program actually plays live musicians for a much more realistic sound and feel. Once the melody has been played you can turn off the lead saxophone and solo along with the rhythm section if you choose. If you’re a drummer, you can shut off the drummer and play along with the group. This is true of all the instruments so practicing can be very rewarding.

Also, this program affords aspiring young musicians the opportunity to develop their improvisational talents within the structure of a song in the privacy of their home or practice room. Jam Vol. 2 also includes 5 Jazz songs so you can expand your musical repertoire.

Would I Buy Again: If I were a beginner or intermediate level player, Yes

Learning Curve: The song selection process and mixing console is very simple and straight forward. No additional instructions are necessary.

Who is it for: Anyone who is just learning how to play along with a band or needs to work on improvisation will find this application very helpful. They can work out their "licks" and ideas with no one judging their initial performance.

What I like: I like the fact that live musicians were used to develop this concept. The realism will help any player striving to improve his or her playing abilities.

What I Don’t: Maybe a couple more instruments to chose from would have been nice. ie: Organ, Trumpet or Guitar for leads……

Final Statement: Jam Vol 1 is the answer to the musician wanting to practice songs and improvisation in privacy. The live musician sounds are very helpful in making the musician feel they are actually playing along with a band! Being able to adjust the volume to taste is very helpful as well. Jam Vol. 1 and 2 will serve musicians wishing to improve their group playing well. IF these first two offerings from Smudge Apps LTD are well received, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Volumes in the near future!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Sick of not having anyone to jam or practice with on popular Jazz Standards? Sick of those play-a-long CDs that you have to pan to the left or right? Wish you had more control to cut the bass OR drums OR piano OR lead? Jam will change the way you practice your music. Play-a-long with real musicians - controlling how loud each musician is, or whether they are playing at all. Jam: Volume 1 contains 5 Jazz standard, played by professional musicians.

-Autumn Leaves-Bye Bye Blackbird-Watermelon Man-Blue Bossa-Satin Doll

There are four different tracks. If you don't want the piano, simply turn it off. If you only want the drums, no problem! If the lead is too loud, you can turn it down or off without affecting the volume of the other instruments. You can change everything live, while the track plays, without ever worrying about them staying in sync! These are REAL recorded musicians. No computer-generated backings which don't help your feel. It is so useful if you are a musician but even non-musicians can enjoy live mixing jazz tracks. Now you can practice Jamming without the band!

NOTE: This Application contains FIVE jazz standards. There are other standards available as separate applications on the App Store. Please email your future song requests to [email protected]
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