JumiOne for iPhone and iPad Review

On January 21, 2011

App Type: iPhone

JumiOne for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: Michael Badichi

Version #: 1.20

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Developer: By JumiTech

Price: Free

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JumiOne is an application for the iPhone that gives you the ability to connect to your computer and enable you to accomplish multiple tasks quickly and easily without having to switch back and forth through multiple applications and your computer(s). JumiOne and the software that is installed onto your system(s) can both be downloaded completely free of charge; the application takes control over your Windows machines to a whole new level.

Automatic discovery is a feature that automatically discovers Windows computers in your network as long as you have JumiOne installed on your computer. The JumiOne application allows for you to have more than one computer configured to it at any given time; this means that you can have multiple laptops and desktops configured and remotely controlled.

There are four main features to JumiOne that are free and give you a fresh and easy way to control your PC. JumiMouse allows you to control the mouse on your PC no matter where you are. JumiRemotes gives you the ability to have a customized remote with many different features that you choose from. Another great, free feature of JumiOne is JumiAmpLite; this allows you to control both your Winamp and iTunes from your iPhone. Finally, there is JumiCamLite which gives you access to both your webcam and your desktop background.

JumiOne also has a number of features that are available for a very reasonable price and which are well worth their cost. JumiCam is an amazing feature that complements JumiCamLite with a lot more options and features. You will be able to view what is going on in your home even when you are away. You can not only record videos and take pictures but, you will also have the ability to instantly upload them to the net via Facebook, Twitter, or any of the many networking sites. JumiCam also lets you see what someone is doing on the computer desktop at any given time. This is a fantastic feature for anyone who has children and wants to see what they are doing on the computer when you are out of the room.

Another paid feature is the JumiGamer which turns your iPhone into an awesome remote control or joystick for your favorite PC games. There is no longer a need to search for the lost controller. Your iPhone can quickly be turned into the missing controller. The JumiGamer allows for you to be able to push a button and see a controller instantly appear on your screen.

JumiFly will allow you to get a good laugh no matter where you are. It is a feature through JumiOne that allows you to have a fly show up on the screen of your PC. You will be able to annoy anyone who is on the computer without them knowing you are doing it. You will be able to control the fly using only your iPhone. JumiFly also has a great game that you can play when you are bored; it’s a game of fly versus war planes. You will need to try and see if your fly can outlast the many war planes that are trying to destroy it.

During the professional moments that you may have from time to time (when not playing with JumiFly), JumiOne provides a great paid addition that will turn your iPhone into the perfect assistant to any presentation you may be giving or planning. JumiPresenter will allow you to connect to multiple computers while you are giving a presentation. You will be able to have every computer see the same screen that you are seeing on your phone. JumiPresenter will help you give the perfect presentation!

JumiOne is a great application that every iPhone user should try. The free features make it well worth the download, while the paid upgrades make it even better. It is easy to use and very versatile. This new app is giving us the ability to not only see what is happening on our computers but, is also allowing us to control them without ever touching them! Only, where is the Mac OS X version?

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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