Kings Corners – Review

On January 13, 2009

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Kings Corners – Review

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By: Kings Corners

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-11-12


Price: 0.99

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Do not buy this application — at least not if you don’t want to waste a good bit of time over the next few days.

A few weeks ago those of us who write for Gear Diary listed our favorite iPhone applications. One of my friend Judie’s favorites was Kings Corners. I know iLium from their excellent Windows Mobile applications and I’ve been using their eWallet application since its first release, so I’m not quite sure why I didn’t download this upon its release back in November. Thanks to Judie, I did — and she now owes me about 16 hours of my life back.

The game is hard to describe but suffice it to say iLium has found a way to create an iPhone card game that really feels like a card game. Based on a solitaire game Kings in the Corners — a game I never played — the game takes the strategy and a good bit of luck. Thanks to this excellent iPhone version I probably won’t ever play the card game- it is that good.

Among the things I like most about the game is the fact that sound effects really make you feel as if you are playing a card game rather than an iPhone game. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is smooth.

Kings Corners is challenging enough to keep your interest but simple enough that it’s appropriate for anyone. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me 20 rounds before I understood it well enough to win a round but even while losing hand after hand I was having a great time. (Hours later I still lose far more often than I win.)



Quick Take

Very Very High
Would I Buy Again:  Absolutely
Learning Curve: Medium
Who is it for:  Anyone who likes card games
What I like:  Looks and plays great, challenging, about as refined an iPhone card game as you will find
What I Don’t: It has significantly bruised my ego 

Final Statement:
  This is one of those highly refined games that show just how good the iPhone can be as a casual gaming device. None of this, however, is a surprise considering the developers behind.

Best of all, this fantastic game costs a mere $.99. It’s truly a market.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Kings Corners will change your life!OK, we admit it. That's not true. It's a game. It's not going to change your life. And it won't increase your IQ, help you lose weight, or get you a date with a supermodel. It's just fun.But it will make those annoying times you have to wait - in the doctors'office, for your PC to reboot, for your dinner date to get ready - go a LOT faster.And what's that worth to you?Based on the classic solitaire game Kings in the Corners, Kings Corners is the kind of game you can play over and over. You'll need skill - as well as luck - to win, but you'll have a lot of fun trying. You can think strategically, or just tap, play a game in under 5 minutes, and interrupt one at any time. And while it's challenging enough for an adult, it's so easy to play that you can even give it to your kids.Fill the gaps in your day with some fun. Try Kings Corners now.
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