Kumon Uppercase ABC's for iPad Review

On January 9, 2012

App Type: iPad

Kumon Uppercase ABC's for iPad Review

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By: Kumon Publishing North America

Version #: 1.00

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Kumon Uppercase ABC’s is a good app with which to teach a child how to write letters at that age when they’re just learning to use the English alphabet.  It turns the entire learning process into a game that kids would most likely find fun.

There is an audio commentary to go with the app to encourage the child in question to draw correctly.  It’s the same sort of positive feedback that I get when I successfully use my Wii exercise programs.  It’s good for positive reinforcement.

When tracing letters, progress is tracked via stars which could be confusing for those thinking that it’s a scoring mechanism.  There is no scoring in this app.  There is only learning.

There is also another section within the app which helps children learn the association between a letter’s sound and its symbolic representation.  I actually got this section wrong once between the “B” sound resembled an “M” sound.  But that could just be my lousy hearing and how my iPad was positioned (be sure to have the volume up and the speakers unencumbered).  In all sections, there is an ear icon to repeat the lesson.

The app is associated with the Kumon Learning Centers throughout the United States and has an icon within the main screen of the app to help you locate one of their learning centers for further assistance with your child’s development.  There is other information about Kumon Publishing’s products available from the app as well.

Overall, it’s an excellent learning tool for those children that need to learn how to hear and draw the alphabet.  It’s colorful, simplistic and easy to both navigate and use.  Recommended.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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