LineTime: World History Review – Explore the flow of history in your iPad

On January 16, 2012

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LineTime: World History Review – Explore the flow of history in your iPad

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By: Gerry Weissbach

Version #: 1.5.4

Date Released: 2011-10-22

Developer: LineTimeApp

Price: 2.99

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History flows linearly, but history books are usually not that linear. What was going on in the 17th century? What was happening in the world while Frenchmen were cutting their kings’ heads?

LineTime: World History answers these questions in your iPad. Pinch to zoom, roll to move: see a nice timeline of events from the year 0 to the current events. Paired with more than 400 specially written articles for this app and Wikipedia access, this is a gem of an app. It’s like browsing from article to article in Wikipedia, but with more graphics, sliding and 21st Century gesturing.

Events are nicely displayed with a picture, and link to the corresponding Wikipedia entry. A very nice application for history lovers and lurkers alike, it can keep you entertained for hours, just looking around finding events you did not know about. As a bonus, this is a universal app you can enjoy even in an iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

An app bound to make you lose a lot of hours checking and checking. From the 20th Century to the 13th and back.

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Would I Buy Again:Absolutely

Learning Curve:Zero

Who Is It For:History lovers, people who love travelling through Wikipedia links

What I Like:The idea and interface execution

What I Don't Like:Lack of pre-year-0 events

Final Statement:A must have for your iPad

Read the Developer's Notes:
Hold the world's history in your hands as a beautiful, smoothly zoomable timeline.

"Woah. Amazing app. Another reminder that we're living in the future." - @B_Puryear

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Simply pinch to zoom out to get an overview of centuries, then zoom all the way in to see what happened on individual days. Scroll around and explore! You'll start to get an intuitive feel for when things happened and how history has developed over the past 2000 years.

When you're done browsing around, tap the magnifying glass symbol and filter all events by a keyword phrase! Want a timeline of historic events in your city? How about any major earthquake in the last 2000 years? Any custom timeline is just a couple of taps away!

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