Lockitize Your Lock Screen for iPad, iPhone Review

On August 5, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Lockitize Your Lock Screen for iPad, iPhone Review

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By: Kuhlmanation, LLC

Version #: 2.0

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Developer: By Kuhlmanation, LLC

Price: $0.99

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Some wildly successful apps are just a complete mystery to me. (see Boobjob) Lockitize is a completely useless app and still it is gaining popularity steadily.

Lockitze your lock screen is not, as you might expect, some sort of security app. Lockitize, instead, is like putting a sign ‘beware of the dog’ when all you have is a gold fish. Perceived security, without any of the hassle such as feeding and walking a dog, or in the case of an iPhone, remembering a code of some sort to protect your iPhone from prying eyes or theft. So you can add a finger print scanner to your screen or a device specific security screen.

I think this is a total waste of money. Why the hell would anyone pay a dollar for what is no more than a wall paper app? Well, apparently, there are loads of idiots out there. Don’t buy this!

We rate this app 1 out of 5 stars

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