Lost in Cube for iphone, ipad Review

On November 20, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Lost in Cube for iphone, ipad Review

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By: WonderStar Games Inc

Version #: 1.1

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Developer: By WonderStar Games

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“In the end… its just a cube.” That is the refrain of Wonder Star’s maze game Lost in Cube. I am reminded of the 90’s sci-fi movie The Cube with its endless maze of dangerous cells within the cube. Thankfully, this game is much more lighthearted and not nearly as deadly.

Lost in Cube is a game where you must explore the six sides of a cube in search of various colored diamonds and eventually the portal out. This may seem easy at first (it is only a cube), but it can be confusing at times which portal you want to go to and which one had that diamond you didn’t get. You are hindered by the momentum of your movement as well as a limited amount of time to explore each cube. To move between sides you must activate the portals by bashing against a small probe that will toggle the warps. There is one at each edge of the screen and they correspond to the adjacent side.

While this may sound easy, swiping your way around the cube, it isn’t all space dust and daisies. There are plenty of asteroids floating around that either must be pushed out of the way, or destroyed. Destroying them can take time, but you are often rewarded with diamonds for doing so. Eventually you will find a boss that must be destroyed to access a probe that toggles the escape portal. If you can do this without running out of time you will be rewarded with a rating for that level based on the amount of the cube you explored, the number of different colored diamonds you found, and your score. Cubes get progressively harder as you go, but finishing a cube is never too difficult, it is the challenge of finding everything within the time limit that is quite a challenge.

Lost in Cube is a fun casual game that combines memory, physics, and speed for a fun race against the clock. The lack of aggressive elements in this game almost gives it a puzzle feel, but the fast paced action helps stave off any boredom. You can grab this cube and lose yourself in it for $.99 in the app store.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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