MagicDrum – Review

On September 24, 2008

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MagicDrum – Review

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By: Tommy Kammerer

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-15


Price: 0.99

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Magic Drum is a very simple program that allows the user to select 3 drawings of drumsets and a fourth window that has "Pads" you can  tap on. The sounds are acceptable, but only the 4th window, which consists of nine black dots for you to tap on, contains a full drum setup. The other sets have drawings of different sets. Each set has different sounds which can be changed by selecting one of four possible setups.

Magic Drum might be most interesting to the younger set as the drumset drawings look a bit cartoonish. I can imagine that the user will tire rather quickly with the first 3 drawings as there are only 4 or 5 drum sounds available to tap on. The window with the nine black dots at least gives a user a bit more variety of sounds and possibilities to play with.

It appears that a number of programmers have presented this type of program without any recording capabilities at all. That limits the attention span of the user to a short period before they become bored with it.

Quick Take

Value: There’s only a limited appeal for this sort of program. Not enough variety or number of drums in each drawn drum set. Young kids might be fascinated with the sounds for a short while.
Would I Buy Again: This would not be my selection for a drum set for the iPhone/Touch device.
Learning Curve: Just a few minutes once you know how to get to everything.
Who is it for: Ages 3-10
What I like: The Digital Sounds are pretty decent.
What I Don’t: There’s no recording capabilities to attract a longer length of playing time in the program. After a little tapping around the user will want something more to keep them interested.

Final Statement: For the younger kids this will probably be kind of fun for a while. I don’t see any adults finding this program something they’d want to buy.

Read the Developer's Notes:
MagicDrum is not only a casual drum. Magically change the look or choose from different drumkits.

Features:-Different drumkits: Rock Kit, Jazz Kit, Pop Kit, HipHop Kit-Rapid play: slide from one drum to another.-Multitouch-Very responsive-High quality samplesO U R   T A K E . . .

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