Mind The Queue – Review – Always Know Your Wait Times

On December 15, 2013

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Mind The Queue – Review – Always Know Your Wait Times

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By: 78 x 36 Productions, LLC

Version #: 1.5

Date Released: 2013-09-30

Developer: 78 x 36 Productions, LLC

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Mind The Queue Mind The Queue Mind The Queue

Here’s to the impatients. The hurrieds, the stressed, the do-everythings. The don’t have time for this now.

Mind The Queue is made for impatient souls such as myself who hate to wait for a service, whether it’s a bank, an amusement park, a grocery store, a restaurant or anywhere else you can think of.  This app has you well covered. Time is money, time is happiness and even if queues allow you to play quick Candy Crush matches, it’s better to do it on the sofa.

This app allows real time input for wait times at a particular institution. Upon registration (and it’s possible to register with your Facebook account, to make it fast and easy), you can select the place in question using a master list from Yelp and add the current wait time at the tap of a button.  You can also search for wait times either by distance from your current location or by name.  The app also lets you know where the business is relative to your current location via a map. Don’t get lost (and no need to wait on arrival.)

Another nice feature of Mind The Queue is direct access to the Yelp directory, including reviews, for the businesses you might be searching for.  Not only do you know the wait times, you know their Yelp ratings so you can determine for yourself if the wait is worth it and what may await you once there.

Obviously, not everyone reports on the wait time at a business at all times so the app also gives you an average wait time per report so you can at least get a sense of what you’re in for if you decide to go there.  You can also favorite a business or location for quick access to know the required investment of your time.

Mind The Queue is a good, original idea and I look forward to more people using it so we can also use our time more efficiently. What are you waiting for? It’s a free app!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Certainly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those who hate to wait.

What I Like:Good concept. Easy interface.

What I Don't Like:Only that I wished more people were using it.

Final Statement:If you hate to wait, you'll Mind the Queue.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Mind The QUEUE gives instant, real time Wait Times at everyday locations. Users can tag a wait line to any place or event. See trends first, options for waiting in line, and local deals.
Wait Timings updated constantly.

Easy To Find Search:
Search parameters greatly increases listings search availability, especially in dense areas.
See Profile screen- adjust Maximum Search Distance, then refresh Listings

Sporting Events
Special Events, such as shoe, gaming and phone releases
Black Friday Shopping
Traffic Spots
Movie Openings
Security Waits at Airports

Users efficiently manage time as information from knowledge based users, thus effectively able to make time dependent decisions.

- Ability to add a Wait Time, receive predicted Wait Times
- Real Time Wait Time estimator
- Comments logged by real customers
- Relevant locations based Places via Map
- Reviews on specific locations
- Deals specific to location
- Sharing vis a vis Social Networks
- Trending shows nearby activity
- Sign In allows addition of Wait Time
- History of Waits

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
What's new

- New GUI for iOS 7
- Bugfix for twitter integration

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