Mobile Disk – Review

On November 18, 2008

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Mobile Disk – Review

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By: Jason Merchant

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Date Released: 2008-11-07


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Mobile Disk is yet another app that allows you to log into your MobileMe account and access files stored on iDisk. There is, however, a noteworthy difference (more on that in a bit).

Mobile Disk takes a simple and no-frills approach to accessing MobileMe iDisk. Log in was simple and fast and the interface is devoid of any clutter that might slow it down. As a result, accessing my files over WiFi took seconds.

It is not, however, limited to WiFi as the app allows access via 3G or even EDGE, as well.

Filetypes are currently limited to PDF, MS Office and photos, although support for iWork documents is "coming soon".

A recent update added the ability to email files, alphabetizes folders and improve stability. Other promised updates include an option to re-login every time for security, the ability to rename/delete files and file caching for faster loading.

All of this has become pretty standard fair on this kind of app now. So what noteworthy difference does Mobile disk have over some of the other apps? It is only $1 while similar apps cost much more.

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Anyone who has a MobileMe subscription and makes use of the iDisk that comes with it
What I like: Works well, no frills, inexpensive
What I Don’t: Support for iWork docs still pending

Final Statement: If you use iDisk and want an inexpensive way to access files stored there Mobile Disk is worth a look.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Mobile Disk gives you simple and easy access to your MobileMe iDisk.

The simple interface gives you access to your files anywhere with 3G, WIFI, or even EDGE.

Supports all of the standard iPhone compatible filetypes, PDF, MS Office, photos, etc.

*Requires a MobileMe account:
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