Monster Dash – Review

On October 4, 2010

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Monster Dash – Review

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By: Halfbrick Studio

Version #: 1.10

Date Released: 2010-08-31


Price: 0.99

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Grab your gun and your running shoes. Halfbrick has a fast paced run and gun that combines all your favorite monsters with roof running to create it’s own twist on a genre that has become more common on the iPhone as of late. Most iPhone gamers are at least aware of the pixel style roof runner, Canabalt, that hit the iPhone with a lot of fanfare in 2009. Since then there are been a fair collection of similar style games, each with their own twist to the game. Even the ever evolving Pocket God joined in the fun with an inclusion of it as a minigame. Most of these games are basically concerned with making the jumps between platforms. In Monster Dash you take up your trusty shotgun and do battle against a myriad of monsters.

The gameplay is quite simple. You have two buttons, one jumps, and the other fires your weapon. As you run you must avoid spikes on the ground as well as running into monsters. You are given three hearts that count as your health. Every 1000 meters you are teleported to a new level. There are four different themes: zombies, vampires, demons. and mummies. There is also wide variety of weapons you can use to dispatch your monsters. My personal favorite is the jetpack machine gun, which not only destroys anything below you, but also gives you that extra boost when you fall short on a jump.

The game offers Openfeint for global scores. The game also has an achievement system, but it does not tell you the names or qualifications of the achievements until you earn them. They are mostly silly achievements anyway so don’t take them too seriously. The game overall is very tight and the controls are responsive. The graphics are high quality and all in all this is a pleasurable game to play. If you are a fan of roof running games, then give this one a try and I think you will find yourself returning over and over to more monster mayhem. 

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Easy.

Who Is It For:Fans of roof running games.

What I Like:Nice graphics, interesting twist on the genre.

What I Don't Like:Too little variety in the levels.

Final Statement:Monster Dash is a great pick for the Halloween spirit.

Read the Developer's Notes:
From Halfbrick, creators of the legendary iPhone game Fruit Ninja comes the newest and most exciting world-hopping adventure!

In a world filled with monsters and without public transportation, one man is running.

That man is Barry Steakfries.

Monster Dash is an action game starring the lovable hero Barry Steakfries as he runs and shoots monsters with nothing to lose! Travel through portals to visit exotic world locations, battling demons, mummies, vampires and more! No monster is safe when Steakfries is on the case!

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