MonsterTowers Review – Arguably one of the best defense games out there

On October 29, 2012

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MonsterTowers Review – Arguably one of the best defense games out there

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By: NOWCOM Co., Ltd

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-10-10

Developer: NOWCOM Co., Ltd

Price: Free

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I’ve always been a huge fan of tower defense games and to be honest, iOS renditions have always been quite a bit of a disappointment. I always found it tacky to have to navigate a small screen overwhelmed with complicated turrets that are hard to see and given their small sizes, even harder to manipulate. It barely helps that most of these games also come with fanciful backgrounds intended to impress, but for the most part tend to make it even harder to see everything that is going on in the game.

So imagine my joy when I downloaded MonsterTower. While it may not boast of top notch graphics as seen in other tower defense games, that is hardly necessarily as to me, good gameplay is more important for such a genre on such a small screen.

To start off, MonsterTower is not your typical tower defense game. While typical versions have a seemingly free running map where users sculpt out paths using their turrets, or a specific pathway for creeps to follow, MonsterTower takes place in well, a tower. Also, instead of having turrets that last throughout the game unless removed or destroyed by enemies, MonsterTower has players summon hordes of cutesy monsters that move down the path just like enemies do, slaying anything that comes in their way.

What attracted me most in MonsterTower would be how the game uses a two-way system unlike other games of the same genre. In other titles, players often play to outlast waves after waves of monsters while protecting some form of treasure from being destroyed. In MonsterTower, not only do players have a monster egg to protect but the game only ends when players destroy the enemy’s ‘treasure’, in this case a drawbridge that allows them access to the tower.

While not only can players spawn hordes of monsters to fight their battles, they can also lay traps to assist in the destruction of enemies. Because of this, players will find themselves toggling back and forth between summons which adds to the excitement in gameplay. Of course, you also have your monster and trap upgrades through points that have to be carefully spent.

Through this gameplay system, MonsterTower avoids the drawback of most tower defense games towards the later stages where players become so overpowered that they can simply plant super turrets then sit back and just watch the ensuing explosions. Here, players are constantly kept on their toes and have to make sure that they regularly summon monsters, and the correct ones at that.

As a free app, I strongly recommend the download of MonsterTowers. I must say, this is not an easy game to play.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Game has a high difficulty level but the concept is rather simple

Who Is It For:Tower Defense fans

What I Like:The unique take at an age-old concept

What I Don't Like:The game difficulty increases too quickly.

Final Statement:There's no need for one, just grab the app now!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Monster Tower

Brand new defense game!
Monsters' counterattack is going to start now.

Poor monsters have been badly treated for their scary-looking.
Now you should protect them!

- 36 kinds of various monsters!
- Three episodes of Human/Zombie/Machine!
- New type of strategy/tactic of attacking enemies by installing traps!
- Maps that consist of floors!

Misunderstanding monsters as a devil made everyone hate them, finally
they had to wander aimlessly without home.

The life of avoiding enemies who attack constantly and running away has been repeated.
Eventually only a small number of monsters survived.

Now the Last hope is a revival of 'Monster King'!
We must protect the king's egg until the Monster king hatches!

The fierce battle fighting against the enemy is going to start until the king is revived.

[Game tips]
- Using traps with monsters can make an attack more efficient.

- Win the game through a strategic deployment creating melee monsters in the front and range monster[Efreet] in the rear.

- Saving summon energy and creating forces at a time can make an attack more powerful.

- Use fully various features of each trap.

- Only monsters with air attack can attack monsters that fly in the air.
[Wing]mark is displayed to monsters that can attack in monster information of upgrade window.

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[email protected]

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