My Virtual Boyfriend for iPhone Review

On September 27, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

My Virtual Boyfriend for iPhone Review

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By: WET Productions Incorporated

Version #: 1.5

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Developer: By WET Productions Inc.

Price: $0.99

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When I was young there was a fad that involved little plastic keychains with black and white LED and a few buttons on the front. The Tamagotchi became an instant hit with kids as it allowed them to take care of a virtual animal and watch it grow. You had to remember to feed it and play with it or it would become sad or even die. Virtual Pets seem to touch a need that people have to nurture and invest time in something that will appreciate the effort. So it is now surprise that there is also a certain demand for virtual girlfriends/boyfriends.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulator that challenges you to read the virtual mate’s mood and respond accordingly. The game consists of a series of statements and then options for activity. If you choose an activity that the boy likes then your heart meter will increase leveling you up and adding new options as your relationship grows. With each boyfriend you can choose from several personality types from superficial to intelligent, sporty, or flirty. If you don’t like a particular boyfriend you can either dump them and get a new one or have fun doing rude things that will run them off.

The game play itself is simple and the AI is fairly basic. I found the game to be repetitive in later levels and there was definitely a lack of interaction as the only animations are when you respond to statements made by the boyfriend. If you are looking for a more risqué dating game you wont find it here. As you level up there is an option to dress your mate in suggestive lingerie, but the content is stifled by the app stores strict adult content policies. I can only guess that most fans of the genre will want more than what My Virtual Boyfriend can offer. The game does have some novelty for fans of social simulation games, and its low cost makes it an attractive offer for a mobile version or the genre.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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