myAnalytics – Review

On September 25, 2008

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myAnalytics – Review

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By: myAnalytics

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-23


Price: 1.99

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If you watch your site’s traffic through Google Analytics you might find this app helpful.

myAnalytics lets you take a piece of the data available via Google Analytics with you anywhere. After entering your Google Analytics data you can set the timeframe to look at site data from either the last year, month, two weeks, week or day.

The data presented by myAnalytics tells you the number of Visits, Pageviews, PageViews per Visit, bounce rate, Time spent on site, and the % of New Visits. 

One HUGE frustration (especially if you track more than one site) is the fact that to change your Google Analytics log in information you need to leave the app and go to the "Settings" section. This is not convenient in the least!

I like the idea of this app but the execution left me a bit cold. It offers only a fraction of the information Google Analytics does and the timespans it offers are more than a bit limited.

The power of Google Analytics comes from the incredible variety of data you can pull from it when trying to better understand traffic flow and trends on your site. You won’t find any of that here. 

If you are just looking to find out general information on the day’s traffic this app might be.

Quick Take

Value: Medium
Would I Buy Again: Probably not
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Individuals who rely on Google Analytics
What I Like: Access to general information from your iPhone
What I Don’t: Access ONLY to general information from your iPhone 

Final Statement: This is a good first step toward iPhone access to Google Analytics but it is only a first step. 

Read the Developer's Notes:
myAnalytics gives you a quick overview over all your Google Analytics profiles. See how many people have visited your websites at one glance. All you need is an active Google Analytics account.

Features:- Display Google Analytics Dashboard statistics for all profiles- Flip through your website statistics- Clear and comprehensive charts of the last month's/year's visits- Support for multiple Google Analytics accounts and profiles (associated with one login)- Select the date range for all statistics : last day, week, two weeks, month, year

In version 1.1 you will also be able to show graphs for each of the statistics. Look at the website for a sneak preview. Version 1.1 will be available as a free update as soon as possible.
IMPORTANT: Your Google Analytics login is not necessarily your Google Mail account. Make sure to check the correct credentials through the Google Analytics web interface.
NOTE: Your website needs to be tracked by Google Analytics, else this application cannot provide the statistics.O U R   T A K E . . .

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