newscover Review – The intelligent newspaper

On March 13, 2013

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newscover Review – The intelligent newspaper

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By: TAPTAP Networks S.L.

Version #: 2.0.1

Date Released: 2013-02-23

Developer: TAPTAP Networks S.L.

Price: Free

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We’ve all had to flip through page after page of irrelevant news to get to that one news article that piqued our interest. Newspapers today categorize their articles neatly into different sections, but these are usually so vague that they can be further subdivided into subsections. So what newscover does is to sieve out articles based on your reading habits, then present to you only the ones that you are likely to be interested in.

Yes, it’s one of those ‘the more you use it the better it gets’ kind of application.

The whole experience I had with newscover was really great. Right from the very beginning I was presented with a tutorial of sorts, introducing me to the app and its workings. After which, I was brought to the main page where I was allowed to browse through articles under the Technology category. Of course, this could be changed by tapping on the menu icon and choosing from the different genres.

The user interface for newcover was truly amazing. Going back to the basics with a black on white color scheme, it allowed for easy reading and navigation without too many blurry colors to cause distraction. I was able to read my articles in peace, where photographs were neatly placed to compliment the article rather than divert attention away from the words. I also liked the 3D scrunching effect used when the menu is opened and dragged from the side. Here, the main content crumples itself to the side while the menu slides across half the screen, very aesthetic compared to similar menu systems found in apps like Facebook‘s.

I also liked the little toggle found at the bottom which allowed users to scroll between popular news as well as recently updated articles. Reading articles was in itself a joy, with big enough a font size and a even the ability to make use of iOS’s reader function for that extra user-friendliness.

I definitely recommend this app, perfect for that long subway ride.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:The average joe who wants something to read

What I Like:The user-friendliness and the user interface are remarkable

What I Don't Like:Content could be updated on a more frequent basis.

Final Statement:Definitely makes for a good read

Read the Developer's Notes:
Welcome to newscover! The news discovery app that quietly learns your interests as you read. newscover automatically personalizes and filters the news content and sources you are most likely to read. The reading experience adapts to the moment of use.

newscover allows you choose how to access its over 1000 sources, the most popular or the most recent. All articles are organized by categories: news, technology, business, sports and style.

newscover is:
-Smart: After only 5 seconds newscover starts to “know you” and will start catering news according to your interests. The more you use it the better newscover is able to tailor news to you.
-Versatile: As a user you can intuitively pinch in or out to adapt the reading experience to your current context. Choose one news story per page, 3 news stories per page or for even quicker browsing, 6 headlines per page.
-Global: currently available in Spanish (Spain) and English (US). We are already working to expand the languages and countries portfolio.
-Polite: no registration required to start using newscover. If you choose to, you can register with your Twitter and Facebook account and newscover will further learn from your posts and activity on these social networks. Login in, is not needed to personalize your newscover experience although it will always speed things up a bit…
-Curious: if you are interested in a story, you can see what people have said on Twitter about it, watch videos and read more related news.
-Awesome: there is a different newscover for each one of us. It will always show you something new and will always be tailored for you.

There are many more features but we´ll let you discover them… and of course, we always appreciate candid feedback to make newscover better for you.

You can reach us at [email protected] or we will be very happy to respond to you via:
Twitter: @newscover
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