Outwitters for iphone Review

On July 18, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Outwitters for iphone Review

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Strategy games generally fall into two different categories: real time, or turn based. With the real time games offering a action paced intense battle, turn based games are more thought provoking and more about making carefully planed movements that being able to think on your toes. There is much less margin of error with turn based games as the opponent has time to think about moves while they wait for you. Turn based games offer you the ability to play a game at your leisure instead of having to stop in the middle due to an interruptions with real time strategy games. While RTS’s have their place, today we look at a TBS game that is making a brag for the charts on the app store.

Outwitters doesn’t pretend to be an RTS like some with hidden grids or war landscapes. Outwitters’ battlefields are small and the grids are easy to see. In Outwitters you are faced with defending your base from attack by your opponent while trying to take out their base. Each person is allotted a number of “wits” which allow for an action like move or attack. Each player gets five wits per round, but can obtain more by controlling special places on the board. Players can also save wits from previous turns to perform more actions on a later turn.

Apart from special tiles that generate more wit, there are also tiles that let you spawn new troops. Troops cost wit but are available for action immediately. There are a variety of units from ranged to support. If you grow bored of the standard units, you can unlock two other races each with their own specialties and strengths.

Games can be played with a pass and play mode where you pass the phone itself to your opponent. You can also start games with friends on GameCenter. The most exciting feature is the league games that match you against others that are near your skill level. The more you win the higher in the ranks you move and the harder players you will face. This is similar to the ladder on Blizzard’s Battle.net for their game Starcraft 2. There seems to be plenty of players online to play against so far, but it remains to be seen if the fan base will stay. Online play is such a desirable feature with games, but it requires a large pool of players that play regularly to make it usable.

Outwitters is a fun turn based strategy game with nice graphics and an easy to learn gameplay. As it is now they online experience is great, and as long as the fan base stays strong we should see more races to be released later. The cost of entry is nothing which allows you to play the sea-based starter race. I found this race to be more than sufficient to enjoy the game casually. While the robots and bears give a nice variety to players that want to support the developer or to reach the next level of the ladder.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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