PAC-MAN Championship Edition – Review

On February 24, 2010

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PAC-MAN Championship Edition – Review

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By: Namco Networks America

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2010-02-23


Price: 2.99

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If you were a child growing up in the 80s or maybe a parent of a child at that time, I’m sure you got hooked on the old video games like PacMan.  It was the rage all over the globe in arcades and even on your own home video system.  Now, you can get PAC-MAN on your iPhone thanks to Namco Networks America Inc.


Once you install the game, touch the screen and you’ll get the Main Menu where you can choose to PLAY GAME, choose whether you want your sound on or OFF (in the OPTIONS setting), list HIGH SCORES or get HELP.  Before playing the game, it’s best to get familiar with the controls and remind yourself of how the game is played.  Touch HELP and you’ll find an INTRO, RULES & GOALS, HINTS & TIPS and CONTROLS. 

To start playing, choose PLAY GAME from the MAIN MENU, and you can select your mode – EASY , NORMAL or ORIGINAL.  Next, touch START GAME and you will get to choose the method you want to use for controlling the PAC-MAN.  There are 3 different methods (each is explained in the CONTROLS section of the HELP screen as well as below.)

The 3 ways to control the PAC-Man are D-PAD Mode, SWIPE MODE and ACCELEROMETER MODE.  In each of the modes, you will see the control pad at the bottom.  The D-PAD Mode allows you to touch the arrows on the directional pad, allowing you to move the PAC-MAN in a specific direction – left, right, up, and down.  The SWIPE MODE allows you to drag your finger across the screen in any of the four directions.  Once you swipe the screen, the PAC-MAN will move in that direction even if you lift your finger, until you swipe in a new direction.   The last option is the ACCELEROMETER MODE.  This allows you to lean or rotate the device in the direction you want PAC-MAN to move.  

Once you’ve chosen your mode, you’re ready to go.  PAC-MAN is just like the old arcade game, but even better, thanks to the excellent graphics and easy-to-use touch-screen controls.  The objective of the game is to guide the PAC-MAN through the maze, eating the dots and power pellets, trying to clear the maze while avoiding the ghosts.  If you eat a power pellet, the ghosts turn blue and you can eat them, earning extra points, but you better eat them before they eat you.  You can also earn extra points by eating the fruit that bounces around the screen.  The more levels you complete the more points and lives you can get, but the screens do get harder.  If you want to pause your game, touch the blue MENU button in the bottom left screen. 

PAC-MAN for the iPhone is a great game.  It is just as fun as I remember and once again, I’m addicted!  The PAC-MAN Lite version which is free, allows you to try the first stage of the game.  The full version of PAC-MAN is $4.99 and gives you the complete game.  I think its 4.99 well spent, since I love this sort of retro game that i can take with me!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:yes of course

Learning Curve:easy

Who Is It For:all gamers of all ages

What I Like:layout

Final Statement:great retro fun

Read the Developer's Notes:
PAC-MAN Championship Edition takes competitive eating to a whole new level!This thrilling update to Pac-Man, developed under supervision of the original Pac-Man creator, was released to Xbox Live Arcade in 2007. The game has garnered acclamations from the gaming press and gamers new-and-old alike.Developed by the PAC-MAN C.E. team, the game has been designed specifically for the touch interface of the iPhone and iPod touch, pumped full of extra mazes, modes, and beginner-friendly features.Featuring addictive time-limit play, mesmerizing maze-regeneration, and back-and-forth ghost-chasing action. The higher your score the faster the game gets so stay on your toes!Do you have what it takes to be the dot-chompin'champion?5 courses and 20 missions.Purchase the Expansion Pack for a total of 30 courses and 120 missions!!•Optimized Controls4 controls types tailored to iPhone and iPod touch.•Championship ModeAim to achieve the highest possible score within a limited playing time (3 to 5 minutes). Try to record the top score for each maze. 5 courses. (Total 15 courses after purchase of expansion pack)•Mission ModeClear a wide variety of assigned mission, each explained before mission starts. Play time is limited to roughly 1 minute, retry of mission is quick and easy. Beginners can naturally improve their PAC-skills by advancing through the missions. 20 missions. (Total 120 missions after purchase of expansion pack)•Challenge Mode (expansion pack only)Mode combining the features of mission and challenge modes. Total 15 courses.

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