Paper Toss – Review

On June 18, 2009

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Paper Toss – Review

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By: Paper Toss

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-06-06

Developer: Backflip Studios

Price: 0.00

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So, on my weekly trek into the free apps that make the Top 25, I see that Paper Toss is the number one free app.  Oh no, not another cheesy worthless app has reached to the top of the Top 25 right?  Not so quick. 

This is actually a totally addicting, simple little game.  As you can see from the screen shots, the setting is an office and you are tossing a balled up piece of paper into a waste basket across the room.  Sounds simple enough. 

The kicker is that there is an old school fan on one side or the other of the office and the wind speed (which is given to you) will affect the flight of your paper wad.  There are three difficulty levels.  Each level gives you a greater distance to toss the paper.  The wind affects the paper differently at each distance.

The game play is super simple, yet strangely addictive.  You toss the paper with a swipe of your finger up the screen.  The distance of the toss is always correct, so you do not have to adjust the speed or distance of your swipe.  You do have to change the angle of the swipe to adjust for the wind from the fan.  I found that the success rate was higher if I swiped all the way up the screen to make sure my angle is where I wanted. 

This game very much reminds me of the flash games you used to see on the computer where you shot a basketball or kicked a field goal.  Yes, this is far from hardcore gaming, but the game is entertaining and addictive.  Maybe it is the basketball coach in me, but every time I missed the waste basket it was a "one more time" moment.  I just kept playing.  One thing I would like to see the developer add is a distance variable.  There could be another level of difficulty if the power of your swipe as well as the angle decided the game. 

The sounds and graphics are good for such a simple app.  There are ambient office sounds including copies being made.  A few times I missed the basket by a ridiculous amount to see what happened and there were complaints form office mates.  The scoring is simple.  Each basket made in succession is counted.  When you miss the basket, the score starts over.  Also, check out the XP backgrounds on the computers in the office.  Nice touch.  I say go download the app and check it out.  Pretty cheap entertainment for free!

Quick take:
Value:  Medium
Would I buy again?  For free, yes.
Learning Curve:  Medium
Who is it for?  Casual gamers.
What I like:  Fun yet simple gameplay.  Graphics and sound are good.
What I don’t:  No option to use distance as variable.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Backflip Studios is giving this game away for free for the time being, so hurry up and get it before the price goes up.Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? Has your boss ever gone out for a quick bite while you and your co-workers see how far you can move the trash can away and still make the paper shot? Have you ever brought in electric fans to make the shot even harder? Backflip Studios is happy to announce that we have brought this amazing and hilarious experience to the iPhone.This game is simple, fun and addictive.Backflip Studios is giving away this game for free for a limited time, as a thank you to those who have downloaded our other game“Ragdoll Blaster” and to encourage new folks to try it out. The price on “Paper Toss” will go up at some point, so get it for free while you can.This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ball of crumpled paper into a metal trash basket. So realistic, you will think you are stuck in an office killing time.Amaze, share and compare your scores with friends and others on the online global scoreboard.Game includes:-Gorgeous graphics-3 levels of difficulty-Innovative flick control-Global online scoreboard-Animated paper-Real office sounds-Varying wind speed from fan impacts paper flight-Verbal abuse from angry co-workersLet us know what you think.
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