A Perfect Web Browser 2 – Review

On September 12, 2009

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A Perfect Web Browser 2 – Review

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By: Vivek Javvaji

Version #: 2.1 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-09-08

Developer: A PERFECT Web Browser 2 - EXTRAORDINARY FAST FullScreen Browser w/REAL-TABS

Price: 0.99

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This app has the longest (and most arrogant) name I have seen during my cyber-wanderings through the App Store.  Even the description sounds like the rantings of a bad car salesman.  That being said, I’m quite surprised that there aren’t more third-party web browsers available on iTunes.  I once heard a rumor that Apple didn’t allow any competition with Safari on the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Obviously if that ever was true, it’s not anymore.  The toughest part was actually paying money for a web browser, which usually are found all over the Internet for free (this one is currently on sale at $.99).

Perfect Browser is certainly a better browser than the stripped-down version of Safari that comes on the iPod Touch.  It can create tabs for different websites without using up a lot of extra real estate.  It has bookmarks, which are pretty standard but nice to have.  You can search the text within a page for a particular word or phrase.  You can even full screen the page or minimize the address bar or toolbar of the app on the top or bottom.

I do also like the "stop" button that appears only while a page is loading.  After all, if a page is already loaded, you don’t really need a stop button.

Perfect Browser does more than the Safari browser…a lot more.  However, what the Safari browser also does, it does better.  The app can zoom in and out with multitouch, same as the Safari browser, but doesn’t do it as smoothly and fluidly as Apple’s version.  The tabs are the best exclusive feature, but I’m sure Apple will get to it sooner or later.  If you want it now, I recommend Perfect Browser.

Pros:  More functionality than Safari, including tabs and page searching.

Cons: Safari zooms in and out better.  It actually costs money.

Read the Developer's Notes:
PERFECT Web Browser is the World’s Fastest and Most Advanced FULLSCREEN web browser for the iPhone/iPod. It’s the only FEATURE-RICH browser with a huge set of mind blowing features. It's Professionally Designed UI delivers STUNNING LOOKS.VISIT THE WEBSITE TO LEARN ABOUT ALL FEATURES
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