Persona/ Review – No, it’s not a Flipboard clone, but better

On March 12, 2012

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Persona/ Review – No, it’s not a Flipboard clone, but better

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By: Padawan Networks S.L.

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2012-02-23

Developer: Layers

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Ever since the iPad is the iPad, Flipboard has been one of the top downloads, most used apps around. Why? Because the idea is good and useful. Personally, I used it for a while and then gave up, I’d rather use other tools for twitter and Facebook, even more for RSS.

Reading is one of the tasks I do more often in my iPad. Reading RSS, reading ebooks, reading PDFs, reading tweets. Then comes writing (writing posts like this one or for any other blog) and drawing. Thus a good reader is the perfect app for my iPad, an app I’d be using every day.

Persona/ comes to disrupt my non-Flipboard habits. Very well designed and smooth, it’s a real challenger to the Flipboard hegemony. Why?

For one, after fetching all the data it is far faster than Flipboard. From my tests, Persona/ fetches 7 pages of tweets with their related images, and pre-fetches the text of (at least) 5 more pages. Flipboard is not that effective!

In addition to this, it is fully customizable: twitter, Facebook and RSS come for free, and you can purchase the additional options of linking to Google Reader, Instagram and Tumblr. For me, the free options are already good enough since Persona/ is the perfect reader for Twitter and Facebook… But if you are a Tumblr or Instagram lover… Whoah. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

To wrap things up, they have a free Chrome app to give you a clean multi-device experience. If this wasn’t enough, Persona/ has been featured as App of the Week in the Spanish app store. Give it a try!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yup

Learning Curve:Close to nil

Who Is It For:Social media lovers

What I Like:The interface, of course

What I Don't Like:The RSS reader leaves something to be desired

Final Statement:A true contestant for Flipboard's hegemony as "that neat app to see news"

Read the Developer's Notes:
persona/ is a fast and easy way to use your iPad to connect to all those channels you want to be in touch with — like Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Tumblr, Instagram, Rss...

Personalize and select your own group of channels to keep in touch with everything you really care about and interact with them. We help connect you with the hottest list of trend-setting channels so you can organize your own personal list of favorites.

Start using what you really want, make your own persona/

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