Pet It Out for ipad, iphone Review

On December 21, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Pet It Out for ipad, iphone Review

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By: DD Investimentos LTDA

Version #: 1.0.2

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Developer: By Candango Games

Price: $0.99

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Are your pets missing? Have you looked everywhere for them but to no avail? Candango Games has the answer with their hoppin’ new game, Pet It Out. Here you will take control over a handful of pets that have been abducted by aliens and have escaped on to the alien homeward. Will you be able to help them hop back home, or is Pet It Out a cartoon flop?

The game starts you with a frog which is your basic hopping animal. There is clearing an upgrade path as your beat levels, but not one that you are use to in most games. First, lets talk about the levels. In each level you are trying to reach a warp by dragging back and releasing to send your character flying like a slingshot. The angle and power you give is important because a misfire could send your little animal flying to its death. There are no lies in Pet it On and the game encourages replaying levels to get better scores through faster times and lower number of jumps. You must also gather five stars and one trophy that are sometimes in very hard to reach places.

As you progress you will unlock your next character which is a chick. This might not seem to change much, except give you double jump, but later animals has certain abilities and the level designs are modified to accommodate them (a great example is the Monkey which moves much like the main character of To-Fu: The Trials of Chi.) This means that even though you are playing the same level over again, the score is only for the animal and there are multiplied number of levels. The selection screens for both the characters and levels require both levels and stars to be collected in order to advance, and some “Coming Soon” signs at the end suggest further expansions in future updates.

I liked the game play mechanic because it was easy to use and would appeals to a broad audience. I thought some of the level design was rather uninspiring or had been over done before, but with as much content as this game holds I wasn’t too disappointed for the price. I like how each character has their own dynamic and the levels reflect that. If you like easy going platform puzzle games like To-Fu then I think you will find a lot to love in this game.

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We rate this game 4 out of 5 stars.

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