Pianist – Review

On July 23, 2008

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Pianist – Review

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By: MooCowMusic

Version #: 1

Date Released: 2008-07-02


Price: 5.99

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My very first foray into the world of ipodtouch/iphone applications, and I must say, I was entertained…barely

A neat little application for those with musical interest and rudimentary piano understanding, however, the limits of the screen vs. finger size can make it a little cumbersome to operate.

The interface is self explanatory, but navigation proves to be somewhat counter-intuitive.

My two biggest concerns with this applications and applications like it are:

1) Being able to access only one octave of pitches at one time (for those not familiar with the musical lingo, this is all 12 tones in and between the two do’s in do-re-me song) making chords very difficult to conjure, and,

2) The lag on the touch screen makes keeping in time with the metronome an arduous task at best.

However, there is quite a novelty to turning your music player into a music maker…

Quick Take

Overall Value: Not quite worth $5.99, more of a $2.99-er
Value: Medium
Graphics: Basic
Level of Difficulty: Simple
Age Appropriate: Any Age
Longevity: Probably not, unless you simply love to noodle in layers?Would It Buy Again: Doubtful

Final Statement: Digable for gaget-philes, frustrating for musicians

Read the Developer's Notes:
MooCowMusic:Pianist is a virtual piano for your iPhone or iPod Touch that enables you to compose music while on the move, or just jam with your friends. An innovative navigation system enables you to reach all 88 keys of the piano keyboard from your iPhone screen and complex chords of up to five notes can be played in real-time. The piano keys provide visual feedback, really pressing down at your touch, and can be optionally labeled to aid those new to the instrument. Each note has been individually sampled from a piano for maximum realism. Virtual" Soft "and" Sustain "pedals can be applied in real-time, and expression can be added to the track depending on where you press the key. Songs can be recorded and overdubbed multiple times to create complex tracks with multiple piano parts, and then saved for later playback. A configurable metronome can be enabled during recording to help you to stay in time, and any mistakes can be easily erased and the correct notes re-recorded. O U R   T A K E . . .

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