Picture Safe 2.0 – Review

On March 7, 2009

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Picture Safe 2.0 – Review

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By: Collect3 and Revolutionary Partners

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2009-03-03

Developer: Picture Safe - Collect3

Price: 1.99

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Naughty, naughty! That’s the first that comes to mind when you download this software!  Ironically, anyone who downloads this software must have some hidden agenda in the back of their minds. Hehehe…

On a serious note, this application is amazing! I mean seriously, if you indeed have something to hide (picture wise), this is a definite must-have application! (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… ?) Let’s just say that I’m truly impressed after playing around with this application. Kudos to the developers because they have thought of EVERYTHING! Read on to find out what exactly is so great about this application.

Look and Feel
Before we continue with the coolness factor of the application, let’s backtrack a bit and take a look at the design aspects of this app.

First and foremost, (I will be critical with this), if you are going to have an application that does something this naughty, let’s not make it obvious right on the springboard that you are hiding something. The title alone is enough to entice curious eyes and upon launching the application…well, that’s a different story (I’ll explain below). However, back on the icon and the name of the application, my suggestion is to take the same path that “Hide Caller” aka “Web Logins” (it’s alias name) took by changing the icon to something a little bit not so obvious and also changed the name of the application to hide it’s true use. *wink*.

Nevertheless, that’s my little rant about the application’s design because everything else about the design aspect of this app, let’s just say it’s really well though out. It is nothing fancy, it acquires its look to the similarities of the native Photo album so really, there is not much more to say about it other than the simple fact that it looks professional and not some cheesy look and feel.

Now, this is where it gets fun! Hahaha, I am still laughing. As stated before, this application thought of everything. Let’s start off with the cool “keypad” login interface. This is what you will be faced with upon launching the application. It’s configurable to the point that you can change the look of it to match the “apple” lock screen or go with something more “techy.” It is a 4 number PIN code so although it may not be the most secure, this does get fun! Let me explain which leads me to my first awesome feature.

“Snoop Stopper”
This is pretty cool. This is a feature within the application where once you activate it, you have the option of setting the amount of “invalid PIN attempts” to 1, 2, or 3 attempts before it allows you into the application. Huh, you say?

Hahaha, ok let me elaborate. If a snooping person decides to try and access your secret photos, most likely, they will attempt an incorrect PIN (we hope). Depending on your setting of the amount of attempts it takes before it allows the person into the application, it will then direct that person to a “faux” (fake) album. It looks like they were able to gain access to the application. The wonderful thing is, you can actually treat it as an album, where you can add your own photos. By default, the application does throw in a few images in there but you can treat that as real as any album to “fool” the prying eyes. Hopefully, they will figure out that there was nothing in there to begin with and they move on. Pretty coooool!

Next feature up, “QUICK HIDE”

I tell ya, they thought of everything (I’m sure there are other features that can come to mind but…)  anyway, QUICK HIDE allows you to double tap your naughty picture that you were hiding, in the event that someone decides to try and see what you were looking at. By double tapping the “naughty” picture, you can have it switch to something more suitable to the nosy person that surprised you. Pretty cool huh!

Ok, other than the rest is pretty much history. The other settings you will find in the settings area is the ability to change the Transition of the images when playing the slideshow, or whether you want to repeat it once complete or shuffle the images as it goes through the playback. All in all, the rest of the application pretty much functions the same way as the native album on the iPhone.

Of course, before I conclude this section, I will throw in one more cool feature. Hahaha, man, this application is packed with features.

“Web Access”
Basically, if you’re connected to your wifi, the application will give you a URL that you can access to view these naughty images of yours right on your desk/laptop.  Of course, you will still have to enter your PIN to gain access to it but that’s pretty cool huh!

I think the only thing I should note is that although this application does everything for you to help you hide your naughtiness, don’t forget to delete the photos on your actual native photo album app once you transfer it into this application.

There you have it! Pretty cool huh!

Final Word
Hopefully, I was able to explain everything that this application can do. I think it’s worth every penny to save your marriage or your relationship with your significant other. Seriously, this is an awesome app and one day, perhaps I can find a use for it. (I know what some of you are thinking…enough already, hahaha).

My only suggestions which would make this totally awesome (which I have seen in other apps) and hopefully see in the future are the following:

1.    Ability to use the camera within the application so that the files get saved directly into Picture Safe.

UPDATE: This does actually allow you to take photos within the Picture Safe application and it will save them directly into Picture Safe.

2.    Ability to move the files from your native album into Picture Safe and automatically remove it from the native application and vice versa.
I’m sure I can think of more things but from where the application stands, it’s outstanding at this point in time!

Quick Take:
Value: High (if you have a use for it)
Would I Buy Again: Of course!
Learning Curve:  Medium
Who is it for: You know who you are!
What I like: Well thought out application!
What I Don’t: Nothing really other than having some hope that the suggestions does get implemented.

UPDATES: Just a few couple updates that I want to bring to into attention based on my initial review above.

1. The wireless access feature allows you to IMPORT pictures directly from a PC/Mac, without the need for iTunes or iPhoto. This feature allows you to import hundres or thousands worth of pictures if you like with one click.

2. Pictures Safe allows the creation of folders which is not available on the native album on the iPhone/Touch. Usually to create the folders (at least with the native album application), you would require iPhoto (for the mac) to create these folders, however, within Picture Safe, you can have full control of folder/album creation.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Picture Safe for iPhone and iPod Touch.*The No.1 Privacy App, as featured on IGN, MACNN, iPodNN, Electronista! From the creators of the best-selling XBMC Remote, Snap!, Animal Snap! and the soon to be released Picture Safe provides a much needed way to separate, group, organise, PROTECT and back-up pictures according to subject matter, providing a secure common-sense way for you to keep your Pictures Safe. No need to worry about others stumbling across your'private'pictures anymore!
2.0 AVAILABLE NOW! NEW:WIRELESS Connectivity to your Mac/PC !- VIEW your iPhone photos on your computer (slideshows too).- ORGANISE. Use your browser to rearrange, rename, delete pictures.- IMPORT. Grab 100's of pics from your computer and with a single button press upload them into your iPhone.-BACK-UP. Easily transfer copies of pictures from Picture Safe onto your PC/Mac.- Our unique'Snoop-Stopper': you set the number of password attempts.- Dual passwords: for access to Real and'Safe'Picture modes.- Add own'Safe'pictures for snoops to find.- Set your own image as the default'quick hide'view.- plus much much more!Original Features:- Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image from your Camera, Photo Album, or the Net.- Familiar interface - Just like inbuilt Photo application but with addition of security.- Finally create folders for better organising of images!- Slideshow with adjustable settings- Multitouch control - Zoom, Swipe, Rotate- TRUE MULTIPLE IMAGE IMPORT - Unique to Picture Safe.- Quick Hide - With a double tap action you can quickly replace any offending image with a fake spreadsheet chart.- Export back to photo album to sync /email.
Disclaimer: Collect3 doesn't recommend the use of the iPhone for the viewing of NSFW bikini photos or pornographic images of any kind. *unless they are of especially good quality and locked up so they don't fall into the hands of those who shouldn't be seeing them - preferably by using Picture Safe ;)
R E A D  M O R E . . .

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