Pinch ‘n Pop! – Review

On October 26, 2008

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Pinch ‘n Pop! – Review

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By: Pinch 'n Pop!

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-10-13


Price: 3.99

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I’ve been playing this game on and off for the last few days, and I find that it’s one of the simpler, more creative, and more entertaining games around.

The goal of the game is quite simple, the population needs to be controlled. There are four different colored entities that begin to appear on your iPhone or iPod screen at any one time, and in order to ‘control the population’, you simply pinch two of the entities of the same color together. When the third one, or sometimes it takes a fourth, is pinched into the others, it pops and disappears. That’s the whole game. It’s straightforward and, at first, simple to play. As time goes on, however, and more entities appear on the screen, the game gets far more challenging than one might initially expect.

Further into the game, there are some special entities that appear. One changes them to all the same color, another one instantly pops all of the ones of that color and the third one fries any of the entities that are nearby.

It’s rather simple and more than a bit entertaining — at least that’s the case at first. After a while though, it becomes a little repetitive, and, the repetitive movements on my fingers eventually started hurting.
Having said that, I do have to make mention of the fact that this is by far one of the more original and creative games that I’ve run across in quite awhile.

Quick Take

Value:  The game is fun and definitely worth the minimal cost
Would I Buy Again:  I probably wouldn’t, but that’s only because the motion of “popping” by constantly squeezing my fingers together got uncomfortable after a time.
Learning Curve:  Very low — this is a fun game that I suspect would be quite entertaining for young kids
Who is it for:  As mentioned above, this is a fun game that I suspect would be very entertaining for young kids
What I like:  bright colors, simple to play, entertaining, original 
What I Don’t:  ouch!

Final Statement:  Fun game worth getting if you like simple, but fun to play, games

Read the Developer's Notes:
Pinch'n Pop! is a new breed of frantic color matching fun that challenges both your wits and dexterity. Push, flick, and squeeze the self-replicating Squirms to keep their population under control, and maximize your score with color chains and well-timed powerup bursts.

Designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, Pinch'n Pop! is a unique arcade experience featuring realistic physics and true multi-touch interaction.O U R   T A K E . . .

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