Pitfall Review – A re-imagining of a classic franchise

On January 28, 2013

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Pitfall Review – A re-imagining of a classic franchise

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By: Activision

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-11-27

Developer: Activision

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In the gaming days of yore, there was a humble machine known as the Atari 2600. One of the games for this system was a 2-D platformer called Pitfall. Pitfall became one of the most popular games for the Atari. The combination of running jumping, and swinging captivated the audience and created the classic we have today. So it is no small wonder that Activison would want to capitalize on the games reputation to make a stab at the run and jump genre of games that have filled up the iOS app space.

In Pitfall you are running away from an erupting volcano and in your path are logs, snakes, ravines, and other obstacles that will try and trip your up. If you are familiar with any of the other running games on the iOS then this one wont need much introduction. Some obstacles must be jumped over while others need to slide under. There are coins to collect and you must tilt the iOS device to move yourself to one side of the other to reach them. There are check points that your can reach in your journey but you cannot play from them unless you have the gold Macaw coin. While you are given several to start you will want to buy more. There is where the store comes in.

From the store you can buy power-ups to make you run faster or take more damage from baddies, but you can also buy coins to start you at a farther checkpoint. This will only work for checkpoints that you already reached at least once by running so don’t think this is a way to buy your way to the end. If you are out of coins your can buy more through IAPs but frankly this game isn’t worth your investment. There are some nice elements to its with the changing camera angles and scenery, but in the end it has very little to offer from the likes of Temple Run and others. If you are a true addict of this genre then Pitfall is a well built example and you will enjoy it, but if you have tired of Temple Run or Canabalt and are looking for something new, you wont find it here.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Its Free

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Fans of Temple Run

What I Like:Variety of angles offers something different

What I Don't Like:Not much different from temple run

Final Statement:Pitfall? More like Pitrun, and certainly the Pits

Read the Developer's Notes:
On this, his 30th Anniversary, take control of Pitfall Harry once again in PITFALL!, inspired by the 1982 Classic that started it all, now re-envisioned and re-booted on iOS!

“Pitfall! proudly stands among the best action adventure games on the App Store, a thoroughly enjoyable runner with just enough variety to make it a must play. “ - GAMETRAILERS

“Cool graphics, controls, and a fun reboot of the classic that started the side scrolling runner genre.” - WIRED

“Pitfall! is a thoroughly entertaining runner with enough personality to make it one of the best games on the App Store.” - MODOJO

“The overall adventure is far more exciting and bombastic than Temple Run, with the incessant brassy action film score making every run feel like the climax of a Spielberg film.” – THE VERGE

Escape the wrath of an angry volcano while collecting ancient treasures in PITFALL!, an adrenaline-fueled, free-running adventure set in a deadly jungle with twists and turns that will always keep you on your toes. As the iconic Pitfall Harry, test your skills by racing through jungles, caves and native villages while avoiding death-defying obstacles such as fiery volcanic flames, tumbling ancient artifacts, and narrow cliff side pathways. Challenge your reflexes by jumping, sliding, and using your deadly whip to take out classic PITFALL! foes like rattlesnakes and scorpions while avoiding the death grip of a crocodile’s jaw as you swing across ravines. Make sure to always keep a watchful eye as danger lurks around every corner!

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