PixUploader – Review – You will “like” this easy-to-use and feature-rich Facebook photo uploading app

On April 21, 2012

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PixUploader – Review – You will “like” this easy-to-use and feature-rich Facebook photo uploading app

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By: Wee Tat Ong

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-04-20

Developer: Lab57

Price: 0.99

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More often than not, when you want to save and share photos online, you turn to nowhere else but Facebook. It’s where your friends are, too, so you’re assured to some extent that your photos are seen, liked, and commented on by people you know. And so when it’s time again to upload your photos, say, from your recent trip to Hawaii or even from a party you attended last night, you’d want to upload pretty much all of them. Such photos are usually taken with your trusty iPhone, and it’s only natural that you upload them straight from it, right? Unfortunately, the Facebook app for iPhone doesn’t make for easy uploading of photos in one go. It does let you attach a number of photos to a post before they’re uploaded, but the process is repetitive, to say the least. Fortunately, there’s PixUploader.

PixUploader is a new app that performs what the official Facebook app should’ve been able to do from the get-go. It lets you upload a series of up to eight photos to an existing or new album with minimal repetition of steps. When you open PixUploader, the eight most recent photos in your photo library are automatically preselected, but you can always toggle this option if you wish. You can rearrange or remove these photos simply by dragging them around or flicking them away. To add more photos, just tap the “Add Photos” button, which, by the way, you can customize to directly launch your iPhone’s camera or open your photo library. Now here’s where PixUploader clearly gains the upper hand over the Facebook app: rather than having you pick photos one a time from your photo library, PixUploader enables you to choose up to eight photos in one fell swoop.

You can, of course, add captions and tags to your photos before uploading them. Note that any rearrangement you do with your photos is not for nothing, as the app uploads them in whatever sequence you specify. PixUploader also supports background uploading, meaning the upload process won’t be interrupted when you exit the app. You also have the option to disable sleep mode while uploading is in progress and even to enable auto upload so that the app automatically retries uploading in the event of network errors. Surely, only a well-thought-out photo uploading app could have included these extra features.

PixUploader is available in the App Store for only $0.99. If you’d like to give the app’s functionality a whirl first before purchasing it, you can download the free lite version of PixUploader, which lets you upload up to four photos at a time but has no tagging capability. Even so, it should be enough to convince you of PixUploader‘s full photo uploading functionality, with a feature set that the Facebook app obviously lacks.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Users who are inclined to upload photos to Facebook in batches.

What I Like:Loads of extra features.

What I Don't Like:Surely the eight-photo limit can still be increased.

Final Statement:PixUploader is the photo uploading app Facebook should've been from the very start.

Read the Developer's Notes:
"There have been many times that I only shared one photo to Facebook because it takes too long with the Facebook app. Now, I’ll just use PixUploader." - iMore.com

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#18 Social Networking App in Thailand

PixUploader makes it really quick and easy for you to upload photos to Facebook, with as little as one single tap!

You can start your photos uploading in the background within seconds with the features available such as preloading of your most recent photos when the app is started, the use of simple drag and flick gestures to arrange your photos and the ability to upload up to 8 photos at a time in the background.

? Upload up to 8 photos at one time
? Preload up to 8 most recent photos on startup
? Easily select and arrange the order of photos
? Add photo caption and tagging
? Background support for uploading
? Support for multiple Facebook accounts

More Features:
? Select multiple photos from the Photo Library at one time
? Create new photo album on Facebook
? Option to temporarily disable sleep mode while uploading
? Auto upload retries for network errors
? Option to change how the 'Add Photo' button behaves
? 2 different color themes
? Ad-free

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