Pocket Trains Review – From the creators of Pocket Planes

On December 4, 2013

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Pocket Trains Review – From the creators of Pocket Planes

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By: NimbleBit LLC

Version #: 1.0.6

Date Released: 2013-11-11

Developer: NimbleBit LLC

Price: Free

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Nimblebits‘ original Pocket Planes was a huge hit in the simulation game genre. With 8-bit graphics and a simplistic gameplay approach, it was no wonder that the game found wondrous success with the community. It was also no wonder that the developers quickly followed up with a sequel – Pocket Trains.

Essentially taking on the exact same approach, Pocket Trains  is pretty much identical just slightly improved when compared with its predecessor. The gist of the game revolves around building your train empire, taking on new trading routes (or tracks) and amassing new trains. What is interesting lies in how the game barely bores, unlike when compared to games of a similar genre that more often than not get all repetitive over time.

The game starts off slowly allowing for newcomers to get the hang of it, but eventually fans out and becomes so sophisticated you’ll find yourself kept on your toes at all times. The game does offer a breather through traveling animation where players get a break from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the 8-bit scenery.

Speaking of 8-bit, it is definitely refreshing to see this alternative take on graphics.

Listed on the app store as a free app, Pocket Trains is definitely worth the download. Fans of Pocket Planes will not be disappointed.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Pocket Plane fans

What I Like:The whole strategising concept made for lots of critical thinking

What I Don't Like:The game relies a lot on in-app purchases with the dual currency system

Final Statement:Choo choo

Read the Developer's Notes:
From the creators of Pocket Planes comes Pocket Trains! Manage and grow multiple railroads
by hauling important cargo around the world. Collect parts to construct all the different train types from Steamers to Diesels, and complete daily events to unlock special trains beyond imagination! Stop reading and start constructing your railroad empire in Pocket Trains!

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