Raid of the Dead – Review – A new breed of e-comics that is far from brainless

On January 8, 2012

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Raid of the Dead – Review – A new breed of e-comics that is far from brainless

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By: Sisyphus Planning

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-12-10

Developer: Sisyphus Comics/Sisyphus Planning

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In 2001, Japanese filmmaker Naoyuki Tomumatsu released a horror movie called Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies. In it schoolgirls of a certain age bracket are affected by a mysterious malady which turns them into zombies or “Stacies,” as they are called in the film. Now, Sisyphus Planning, an up-and-coming iOS developer, has just launched a series of comics likely to please fans of the film in particular or of the genre to which it belongs in general. The series debut is titled Raid of the Dead: Schoolgirls vs. Zombies, and, sure enough, it’s a story about schoolgirls and zombies. But as the title suggests, at the center of the story are schoolgirls fighting zombies, rather than the former turning into the latter.

Comprising 50 pages of plot and character development, Raid of the Dead is bookended by bits of ominous and at times optimistic background music. And as opposed to traditional manga, it reads in the manner of most Western comic books, that is, from left to right. Simply tap on either side or flick across the screen of your device to turn the page, and tap and hold to see the page preview slide, add a bookmark, or view the controls primer. These controls work well whether you read the comic book in one-page portrait format or two-page landscape format.

Raid of the Dead is a standalone graphic short story optimized to be read on your favorite iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The story is set in a vaguely recognizable time—it could be set in the near future, the near past, or the very present, for all we know—when an unexplained pandemic caused most people to become walking zombies. But a good many have managed to dodge the plague and survive, several of whom are the titular schoolgirls. These schoolgirls now live in their school, doing their best to fend for themselves and repel the peripatetic revenants that come their way. However, a greater battle seems to lie not outside the school premises, where zombiefied strangers and even their former friends now wander, but right within themselves.

The story is told through grayscale panels drawn in the distinct, sparse style of Japanese manga, something you might not expect to find in an electronic comic book that runs on a device that can render full color graphics and so-called enhanced interactivity. It’s actually this very absence of colors and gimmicks that lends more seriousness and solemnity to the story, since there’s also the tackling of pertinent questions of humanity and hope amid the abundance of well-drawn action scenes involving gun-toting schoolgirls, threatening zombies, a crashing helicopter, and more zombies.

Zombies in popular culture just won’t die, will they?

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Close to zero.

Who Is It For:Fans of the zombie horror genre.

What I Like:The art direction, albeit in grayscale.

What I Don't Like:A couple of hiccups in wording, as in the use of "sarcastic" where "ironic" is the more fitting word.

Final Statement:If you like schoolgirls, you better still be in your teens if you don't want to get in trouble with the law. But if you like schoolgirls shooting zombies, you'll enjoy this e-comic book no matter your age. 

Read the Developer's Notes:
Sisyphus Planning is going to launch a comics for iOS, an “Of the Dead” Zombie comics that have fanatic fans all over the world. The 1st series features the struggle of high schools girls surviving through the devastated world of the Zombies.

Once they step out of the gate of the school, it is a devastated world full of strolling Zombies. Being isolated from the deadly creatures on a top of hill in a rural area, the high school girls survivors lock up the gate in despair. Even when their brains are rotten, Zombies try to approach the high school through their instincts. Knowing that they were once the ex-class mates, they are too dangerous to be close to the school…

* Like any common American comic book, the comic books reads from left to right.
* It is a complete short story comic of a rich 50 pages. ?   The comic is in a Gray Scale. Please note it is not in color.
* Please beware of sound level as music is used in the comic.
* Zombies featured in this story is a “Walking Zombies,” not “Running Zombies.”
* Zombies featured in this story has a weak point besides destroying their brain.

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