Read2Me – Review

On May 2, 2009

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Read2Me – Review

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Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-04-30

Developer: Read2Me

Price: 7.99

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I am increasingly using voice both to CREATE text and list TO text on my iPhone and Macs. Jott and reQall allow me to leave messages and get text back with excellent accuracy. My voice mails now get ranscribed and emailed to me by either Google Voice or SpinVox. I create most documents using MacSpeech Dictate and I search via my iPhone using the awesome Google app. On top of that, TalkMail Pro now reads my email to me on the fly and I actually find myself using my Kindles text to voice functionality. And while none of this is 100% accurate in either direction, my typing isn’t either and the amount of convenience the various approaches offer is well worth any downside.

All of this is reason enough to be excited about trying out Read2Me. Read2Me is a neat little app that can take any .txt document and, on the fly, convert it into spoken word. It can quickly access site like the Gutenberg Project and download a variety of books that are of the type: Plain Text / us-ascii / none (compression). You can also navigate to any UTF-8 Plain text *.txt file on the web, and grab them so long as they are accessable via a URL. More details can be found HERE.

The app offers a variety of different voices. What truly struck me was how good the default british voice sounds. It truly approached sounding like a real person to a greater extent than ANY text to voice app I have seen!

In short… the app is easy to use, works well and does EXACTLY what it says. I am, REALLY impressed with how well it works.

Here is a video of it in action. The text is blurry due to the kind of screen protector on my iPhone but it DOES offer a sense of how well the app SOUNDS.



Quick Take

Value: High: This is another example of the power of the iPhone as a mobile computing platform
Would I Buy Again: Yes. I am using/enjoying text to voice apps more and more.
Learning Curve: Use, low. Downloading from Gutenberg, medium. Accessing your own text, medium plus
Who Is It For: People who want the option to listen to books and text
What I Like: Works well. Rather natural sounding voice.
What I Don’t: Slightly cumbersome to upload and access your own text

Final Statement: Yet another WOW app that also has a practical side. This is one of those… "This isn’t a phone it is a handheld computer" apps.



Read the Developer's Notes:
Read2Me is the FIRST AND ONLY iPhone App that allows full speech synthesis for an entire library of texts. You can even import you own URL based *.txt files!To find out more, or to watch a demonstration video visit:
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