Review – Noreve Slipcase For iPhone and iPhone 3G

On January 21, 2009

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to review a Noreve leather case for the MSI Wind over on Gear Diary. I was super impressed with the quality of the leather, the quality of the design, and the quality of workmanship itself. In other words, I immediately became a big fan of Noreve’s products.

Over the last week I’ve had the opportunity to look at one of their iPhone cases — a traditional slipcase. It allows you to carry your iPhone safely but requires you to remove the device before using.

Once again I found the quality of the leather, workmanship and design to be fantastic. The leather is high quality, beautifully tanned, and flawless. The seams on the case are tight and straight. There’s no doubt this is a case that will last the life of the phone itself.

The design is such that the iPhone can be charged and/or synced while within the case. The same cutout that permits the charging of it also makes it simple to remove the device by pushing your finger up into the case and the device out of it.

The front of the case as a small metal button with the company’s logo, while the back of the case as the company name embossed into the leather itself. While I tend not to be a fan of advertising a company’s products both the metal button and the embossing are subtle enough so as to not bother me in the least.

In order to protect the device the interior leather is soft enough to prevent scratching while solid enough to truly protect the device while inside. Finally, since this device case is intended to be used in a pocket, it does not have a belt clip and, thereby, maintains the slim profile of the case itself.

In all, this is a great slipcase for anyone looking for simple but elegant protection. At a starting price of $39.99 it is quite reasonble for this quality leather product.

What I like —

Truly protects the device while inside

Quality materials and workmanship

Nice subtle design

Works with both generations of iPhone

What needs improvement–

Nothing notable.

Final thought — if your preference is a slipcase this is a great option. You can get mote information on this, and other, Noreve Products HERE.