Rise of the Blobs Review – Puzzling re-imagined!

On April 2, 2013

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Rise of the Blobs Review – Puzzling re-imagined!

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By: Robot Invader

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2013-02-15

Developer: Rise of the Blobs Support

Price: Free

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Many age old classic games have been introduced in its conventional as well as modified forms to the AppStore. Though most of them have had to be satisfied with meager fans, some of’em like Monopoly, Bejewelled, Scrabble etc have been able to etch a mark. The latest app to find itself in the spotlight is  Rise of Blobs with its unique fusion & remix of Tetris and match-3 games.

Our friend Mash, the marshmallow is trapped on the top of a tower. Waves of colored jellies are climbing up to devour him and Mash has only one way to escape. Throw some explosive fruits and blast their brains out.

It shouldn’t be that easy!

Yep, things get tricky here because a fruit can only explode the jellies of its own color and those that are close to one another. For instance, a watermelon can pierce only green blobs and when triggered, all neighboring green blobs go boom!

Swipe to rotate the tower in this 3D world and find the best spot to drop your fruit. Choose heaps of similar blobs to make longer strings and score more points. Just like Tetris, it’s Game Over for you the moment the wave hits the top.

Thought the initial levels are too easy for most’s taste, believe me, there is a reason why Apple had this in their featured apps. Choosing the best string in the least time becomes the game changer, once you’re a little into the game and you just can’t stop playing.

The controls are fluid and the animations are juicy. A large number of attack strategies are available like the coconut bombs, fruit hammers and dynamites. Coins, starts and gems can be collected during the play which can be spend lavishly on these extras. The game itself shows a wide range of variations with Normal, Star-collector, Timed and Skull modes and they get unlocked as you dive deep. Overall, this game is a must have for all those with a lot of time to kill.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:I guess I will

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Passtime gamers

What I Like:The graphics and execution are great

What I Don't Like:A story-line would have been nice

Final Statement:A mix of some popular games

Read the Developer's Notes:
You’ve never seen a puzzle game like this before!

Waves of hungry blobs are making their way up a column towards our stranded marshmallow hero! Help Marsh Mal survive the invasion by filling blobs with fruit and popping them in massive chains. Once you’ve mastered the basics, a collection of other game modes are waiting to challenge you in new ways.

You ready to rise to this colorful challenge?

- Amazingly addictive 3D blob popping PUZZLE action!
- SIMPLE to play but chock full of depth and strategy
- A variety of GAME MODES to keep you hooked
- Connect with your FRIENDS via Facebook or Game Center and compete in the weekly leaderboard!
- Connect with your FRIENDS via Facebook and compete in the weekly leaderboard!
- Complete MISSIONS to earn awesome rewards!
- Upgradeable POWER-UPS and perks to maximize your scores
- Beautiful and VIBRANT 3D environments!
- Tons of radical ACHIEVEMENTS to earn
- Outrageous OUTFITS allow for total marshmallow customization
- Get the Robot Invader pass for EXCLUSIVE content!
- Simple, automatic syncing across your devices

Brought to you by Robot Invader, the crazed creators of the award winning ultra smash hit Wind-up Knight!

A word from our marshmallow:

“Hi everybody! I'm Marsh Mal, the high fructose protagonist of Rise of the Blobs. Actually I dunno what any of that means, but that's not the point. The point is you gotta hurry up and download this game! Those blobs ain’t gonna pop themselves!”

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