Rock’em Blocks – Review

On January 17, 2009

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Rock’em Blocks – Review

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By: Rock'em Blocks

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-30

Developer: Marcin Olejarz

Price: 0.99

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Rock’Em Blocks seemed like a lot of fun when I looked it up in the App Store to consider reviewing. And I will be honest, I didn’t spend an extended period of time reading about it or even looking at the pictures. I like puzzle games, and Rock’Em Blocks promised to be one so I figured it would be fun. Boy was I surprised.

Visually Rock’Em Blocks is pretty basic, there is a square on the left that has the blocks for matching in it, on the right side is your score, high score, level, and time left. Even gameplay is extremely simple (if you have played Bejeweled or any of the other 500 Bejeweled copycats out there you will already know how to play), but in case you don’t know immediately there are a series of different colored blocks. You can ‘swap’ two blocks, the only catch is they have to be beside each other. After swapping the two at least one (or both) has to make a line of 3 or more same-colored blocks to destroy those blocks. The effect is then more blocks will fall down and hopefully cause a chain reaction. That’s it! That’s the entire game right there. Simply destroy blocks, and gain enough points to move on to the next level, and each level gives a new colored block. If you run out of time it’s game over and start a new one!

Now that I have covered the game to the best of my ability without being too bashing about it, here’s my personal thoughts on Rock’Em Blocks. If you want to play a game like Bejeweled, then purchase Bejeweled from the App Store. It’s available, I know because I checked. Rock’Em Blocks is a cheap copycat of a game almost everyone has already played. Rock’Em Blocks has nothing special to offer that Bejeweled doesn’t to make it the better option to buy. This game was entertaining IF you have never played or even heard of Bejeweled, if you have it will simply come off as a cheap copycat. I’m sorry but I can’t recommend a game like this when the original is available, and still better.


Value: Low
Would I Buy Again: No
Learning Curve: None-Very Easy
Who is it For: Anyone who wants to play Bejeweled with squares instead of diamonds.
My Likes: Umm…
My Dislikes: Complete and utter copycat of another game

Final Statement: Maybe if Rock’Em Blocks had something original built-in, some sort of extra spin to make it unique it would be a better game and more appealing to me. Unfortunately if it has any of that, I didn’t manage to find it.

Rating: 1 Star

Read the Developer's Notes:
Rock'em Blocks is a fun, casual and challenging puzzle game with several hours of endless game. Your goal is to clear rocks by aligning 3 in row (horizontaly or verticaly). The more matches you make, the higher your score is. Rock'em Blocks is fully optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch screens.If you like Tetris, Trism, Bejeweled you will love Rock'em Blocks but beware! This game is highly addictive! :)Features:- extremely easy to learn and play- personal best highscore- auto save when interupted by a phone callLanguages:- English- Polish
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