Scrubs Review – Hidden objects game in the Scrubs storyline

On November 30, 2012

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Scrubs Review – Hidden objects game in the Scrubs storyline

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By: HeroCraft Ltd.

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-11-13

Developer: Scrubs Support

Price: 1.99

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As a Medical student, I have been a huge fan of related TV shows like House MD, Grays Anatomy and Scrubs; And that is exactly why I was excited to review this app. But though an interesting app, I couldn’t find anything medical about it (as claimed by the developers).

The game follows the TV series in the sense that we see the world through JD’s eyes and also, most characters from the show are included. But unlike you would have guessed, this is just a hidden-objects game with some occasional mini-games. The game follows the story of a diamond, stolen from a patient (Dutchess) and in the course of searching for it, you are given lots of other tasks. Each level gives you a set of objects to be found and complete the task within limited time to proceed. Many scenes for the search are identical to that of the show and its a thrill for us fans. Not always are we shown the exact object to find, rather names of objects or their silhouettes are shown, which makes the game more difficult. Using inventory items like pool stick or vacuum cleaner and changing states of objects like opening a cupboard or closing a curtain are required to find some object and this makes the game tricky. Don’t worry because limited hints are available.

Successfully complete the quest to be greeted by stats and scores while on the other hand, if you run out of time, just restart the game; but, the objects and their positions vary in the new game and hence, replays are not boring with this one. Occasionally, mini games like wheel-chair racing, finding the ingredients of a medicine etc also come by your way (these games aren’t as exciting as it sounds).

To conclude, this is just a hidden-object game  with the theme of Scrubs but nothing different from identical games. Extra Time, Arrow hints, Area hints, Double points etc are available via In app purchases and hence, I believe that this game should be ideally placed as free just like most similar apps. The lack of animation and conversations via speech bubbles make the $1.99 price tag unjustified.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Not with this tag

Learning Curve:Variable according to different mini-games

Who Is It For:Scrubs lovers, I guess!

What I Like:The integration of Scrubs into the storyline

What I Don't Like:The developer promised Medical puzzles!

Final Statement:Not worth the 2 bucks, unless you're a super fan!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Here comes the official Scrubs mobile game based on the hit TV sitcom. As a new intern you'll rub shoulders with your favourite Scrubs characters - JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Cox, Kelso and unfortunately the Janitor too! As the newbie you'll have to fulfil all sorts of requests from the senior staff and it looks like you'll have to play detective as well as doctor, helping to find missing possessions, scattered fancy dress costumes and even misplaced medical supplies!

The main gameplay takes the form of a Hidden Object Game, using familiar locations from the series, including the nurse's station and the staff room. You'll also stumble across various unlockable mini-games from stitching body parts to racing wheelchairs. Your task will be to solve an exciting mystery and your investigation will ensure a captivating plot that will keep you guessing right until the end.

So it's time to put on your Scrubs as this game will be the medicine to cure your boredom!

Game features:

? Varied gameplay genres: hidden object, quest, adventure and puzzles
? Medical based mini-games
? A dozen familiar game locations
? All your favourite Scrubs characters
? Humourous comic book style graphics
? Black comedy storyline

IMPORTANT: If you experience any crashing problems while loading or playing this game, please restart your device and try again.

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