Self Aware Review – Regain control of your sentient iPhone

On June 5, 2012

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Self Aware Review – Regain control of your sentient iPhone

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By: Dingle LLC

Version #: 1.01

Date Released: 2012-05-15

Developer: Dingle LLC

Price: 0.99

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The concept of Self Aware is very unique and intriguing. Your iDevice has been compromised, and developed a mind of its own. Seeing you as an inferior being, you have to prove your worth to your device to regain control of the device.

On first impression, Self Aware does make a great impact. Upon launching of the game, your iDevice will be transformed into a Terminator-styled doomsday program, whereby the background turns red and your app icons are altered a little. In Self Aware, the game involves beating mini-games that are accessible by tapping said app icons, and are aptly themed after the mentioned apps as well.

Self Aware basically comprises of a plethora of mini-games, ranging from classics like Snake to unique word and number based games. There is even a word-based RPG reminiscent of the classic Dungeons & Dragons. Each mini game can be accessed as a challenge through the app icons, and beating the challenges allows you to ‘regain control’ of your otherwise locked out device.

To spice things up, and perhaps to add a depth of storyline or plot into the game, Self Aware adds a pinch of realism by coming up with taunts to mock and ridicule players, reinforcing the point that the app is a super-intelligent artificial being who looks down on humans.

For $0.99, Self Aware is a great app to have. Comprising of a multitude of mini-games, this is one app that will keep you hooked on to for hours on end.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Med. Some mini games are difficult to grasp but hints are provided.

Who Is It For:Everyone and anyone

What I Like:The variety of games

What I Don't Like:N.A

Final Statement:Are you smarter than an iPhone?

Read the Developer's Notes:
Battle for control of your iPhone one arcade mini-game and riddle at a time with Self Aware. Download this unique gaming adventure, outwit a malevolent A.I. force named STU that’s taken your iPhone hostage, and discover how fun mind-bending gaming action can be today!

10 / 10 - - "Totally enjoyable, utterly unnerving, and an absolute must-play."
5 / 5 - - "So, is this a possible future, or is Self-Aware just a wicked game?"
4.5 / 5 – - “I found Self Aware entirely engrossing, and thoroughly entertaining.”
4 / 5 – - “Self Aware is probably the most unique and exhilarating app available on the App Store.”
8 / 10 - - "I applaud the unique experience that Self Aware brings."

? Self Aware is a completely unique mobile gaming experience. There’s retro arcade action like you’ve never accessed it before, clever word based puzzles, riddles, and more all brought to you in a way that might just blow your mind. The game features over 27 diverse mini-game scenarios to test players’ mettle.

? Everything from side scrolling arcade flying challenges to completely out-of-the-box mind wrenchers are offered, and to boot! Players must infiltrate STUs system with the help of a true-blue techie to unlock further mini-game and riddle action en route to freeing their phones!

? Players start out on a mostly barren red hued screen that looks eerily similar to their normal iOS device’s home screen. Clicking different icons opens up an eclectic array of mini games that turn normal apps like your calculator, map, and address book into settings for mindful gaming action. And don’t worry arcade junkies, STUs got more than enough white knuckle entertainment for you to enjoy.

? Every win unlocks either new icons or parts of STU’s operating system, bringing players one step closer to taking back their mobile devices! Tired of endless spins on the same basic games on your iPhone? Get self Aware and get into some action that’s as much meta-game as it is, well, game!

Say hello to STU:

? The Security enhanced Turing-complete Universal program - or STU for short - is the most sophisticated mobile security application in the world, smart enough to keep you safe from any and all digital dangers. There’s just one problem. A freak code mutation occurred, STUs’ become self aware, and he’s taken your mobile device hostage.

The Dingle Techie, your faithful ally:

? The dedicated Dingle Techie here to give you an extra edge in your battle against STU. He’s a knowledgeable programmer with a heart of gold who’s ready to go the distance with you regardless of how complicated the solution to this problem may be!

? It's up to you to outsmart this malevolent app and take back your mobile device. Best yet, this game features everything from logic puzzles and reflex testing arcade games, to virtual scavenger hunts and classic word based riddles to do just that!

Tired of endless spins on the same basic games on your iPhone? Get self Aware and get into some action that’s as much meta-game as it is, well, game!


? Over 25 unique mini-games, riddles, and thought puzzles.
? Diverse gaming action where your whole phone is the game field.
? Intuitive accessible controls and game structure.
? Unique cyber-punk aesthetics and game design.
? Fluid gameplay controls.
? Retro graphics.
? Deeply interactive mobile entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Self Aware is developed by Dingle LLC.

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