Shakeme Review – Call people with a quick shake of your phone

On January 24, 2012

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Shakeme Review – Call people with a quick shake of your phone

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By: Chung Myoung-Beom

Version #: 1.02

Date Released: 2011-06-29


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The idea of shaking your phone to call your friends is a pretty strange idea. Unsurprising then that in this case it comes from one of the countries renowned for weird and wonderfully quirky ideas, South Korea.

But Shakeme is one of those apps whose use only becomes apparent once you start using it. While shaking-to-call doesn’t feel quite as intuitive as simply tapping on whoever it is you want to call, it definitely comes in handy in certain situations. For instance when it’s freezing cold and you don’t want to take your gloves off, just shake your phone instead.

The app lets you import your contacts from your main list. Once you have this set up, the app runs in the background. Give your phone a shake, and your contacts list appears. Hold your phone vertical to scroll down it, then make it horizontal again and give it another shake to stop on a contact and call them.

This may sound a bit complex, but it won’t take long for you to adapt to this quirky little means of calling people. It may not be the future, but there are definitely times when shaking-to-call trumps ordinary tapping. The presence of crucial options such as changing the shake and scroll sensitivities means that the app is tailored to your personal phone-shaking habits. A quirky and useful app.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:People in sticky situations where shaking's simpler than tapping

What I Like:You can keep your gloves on while making a call

What I Don't Like:The scrolling takes some getting used to

Final Statement:Shaking your phone to call people may not be the future, but it comes in handy

Read the Developer's Notes:
Now, Let's shake the phone to make a call!

- When you only can use one hand to make a call among the movement somewhere.
- When it's very cold day and you must take off your gloves to make a call.
- When you often and often call to lover or your family.

You must download this app and enjoy it.
You can make a call by shaking your phone.

At the normal mode, if you shake the phone, the person list is disappear.
you hold the phone in a vertical position to scroll down through the list in order.
If you find the person you wish to call, you slowly move the phone to a horizontal position and shake it.
Then, you will make a call to the person.

You can set up shake sensitivity and scrolling through speed at the setting.
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