Shout – Review

On August 25, 2008

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Shout – Review

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By: Alexey Prigozhin

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-06


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Sometimes, late at night (3 am), I get bored.  Who doesn’t right?  How much TV can you possibly watch?  Especially in the Summer Time.  The olympics are over, the regular lineup isn’t on, and there is only so much time i can spend surfing the web.  What to do, what to do, who else would be up at this ungodly hour?

I’ll tell you who, all these people on Shout!  Its a mobile realtime messaging service on your iPhone.  Its worldwide, so of course with all the different time zones, you can chat with anyone. Its like a huge open room with everyone who is logged into Shout talking about whatever comes to mind.  Of course, with all those people online, there is a delay of sorts, otherwise you would go stir crazy trying to follow the conversation.

Shout instantly got rid of my boredom, I actually had a conversation with who knows how many people from who knows where, about absolutely nothing.  It was great!  Highly recommended!

Quick Take

Value:  Medium, since its fun to do if there is absolutely nothing else to do.  Want to waste time? High Value.
Would I Buy Again:  Why not?  Its FREE!
Learning Curve:  Very Low
Who is it for:  Anyone who feels like they want to chat with a few thousand strangers at any time.
What I like:  Clean design, easy to use, and very addicting with the right people online.
What I Don’t:  No way to figure out who is on, how many, where they are from, etc.  Just gotta ask.

Final Statement:  This is a fun, unique way to spend a lot of time conversing with people when your all alone.  I hope the developer expands this app to include location and name information too, that would make things a bit more personal.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Shout is a crowd of people from around the world shouting. Be prepared to wait for your voice to be heard when the crowd is too loud.

Tap the only button Shout has and send a message to everyone connected. Turn your iPhone to landscape mode and watch messages from around the world appear on your screen. We will only filter out offensive stuff, and if it gets awfully quiet... we may throw in some lovingly selected quotes.

Network connection is required.

*** We are increasing the speed of message feed. Thank you for your great response and stay tuned. O U R   T A K E . . .

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