Slender Rising Review – Are you afraid?

On February 5, 2013

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Slender Rising Review – Are you afraid?

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By: Michael Hegemann

Version #: 1.3

Date Released: 2013-01-04

Developer: Slender Rising Support

Price: 1.99

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I hope you guys know who Slender-man is. If not, googling it would be the best choice rather than me going to the details. I will just tell that he is a mythical evil character, 8 feel tall without mouth or eyes or ears. How scary is that! Slender Rising casts him to get your heart pumping but I’m sorry to say that, they’ve failed.

The idea is that you are alone in a scary town and you have to look for certain posters before getting swallowed by the slenderman. You have two maps: Cursed Ruins & Desolated Town which can be played in two modes. In endless mode, you just roam around the place and find as many posters as you can before getting killed while in the escape mode, you can get out alive if you find 7 posters.

Whenever you face the mystery guy, just swipe away from him or turn back to evade. This isn’t easy as he has a hypnotic stare and it kind off keeps you looking. You can play in the foggy daytime or with the all-green night-vision goggles or just with a flashlight at nightAll the scenes are great, thanks to Unreal Engine, the guys behind some of the best environments in iOS games.

Unfortunately, the horror part of the game isn’t as worked out as you would think. Yes, it does give you creeps when he suddenly appears by the corners or the even better with the “He’s behind you!” poster. But, that’s all for one time and repeated plays gets really boring. I would surely love a story line and additional maps with more scary stuff because the current version just feels like roaming about a mystic surrounding just like the Epic Citadel app.

The controls are good with either touch or joystick controls. Sound effects really adds to the mystery especially the background grass, loud cries and the occasional coughing. I have seen many great reviews and ratings at the AppStore but I stand by my word that this is not worth the money I put in. For an extra buck, you can get Hysteria Project which is a much better choice in the same genre.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Never

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Horror and mystery fans

What I Like:The environment does look scary

What I Don't Like:The game gets boring too quickly

Final Statement:Don't lose your money, buddy

Read the Developer's Notes:
The definitive Slenderman game for iOS!

?????BIG UPDATE 3! New Level and scary music!?????

This is what players say:
"The best Slenderman game ever!"
"The first 3 minutes...too scared to play it...."
"If you choose to get 1 Slenderman game, MAKE IT THIS GAME!"
"I love this game. I'm too afraid to play at night!"
"I dropped my iPod and ran away."
"Five stars and definitely worth the monies."

The best Slenderman experience on iOS according to players around the world. This game is only designed for touchscreens and inspired by the popular urban legend.


-Day and night modes.
Investigate haunted places during the day and with a flashlight during the night. Additional nightivision mode for extra shock value!

-Easy controls.
Tap and Swipe to move your character. Multiple optional joystick control schemes.

-Intense horror atmosphere.
Hear frightening sound effects and terrifying music.
Feel the fear as the enemy is coming closer and escape his deadly stare.

-Endless suspense
Find as many of the mysterious signs as you can before the enemy takes you or find 7 signs to escape.

-Unreal Engine powered graphics.
Special effects for newest Apple devices to create an even more intense atmosphere.

-Good performance.
Even runs on older devices from iPhone 3GS upwards.

-Gamecenter Support

Use headphones when playing, ideally at night and alone! ;)

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