Smack That Gugl for iPhone Review

On January 10, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Smack That Gugl for iPhone Review

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By: yann le coroller

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If you ever spent any time at carnivals, you will probably remember a game called “Whack-A-Mole” or something similar to that. The game mechanics are dead simple and it presents a challenging reaction game where you must hit the head of the moles as they randomly pop up. This game mechanic is particularly suited for the touch screen where the entire screen is an input device. Tayasui Game has released a similar game under the title of Smack The Gugl.

What are Gugls you might ask? gugls are little blobs that have become a stable of Tayasui’s games. When you tap on the gugls, they spatter like a ball of play-dough. Smack That Gugl ramps up the difficulty by giving you gugls that must be tapped twice, and gugls that split into two when you tap them. You must also avoid tapping the spotted gugls, as they will cause you to lose a life. Smack that Gugl has online high score boards, but does not have Game Center support. This type of game seems well suited to Game Center, so it is odd that it was not used. The mechanics of the game are on par with a myriad of similar tap/reaction games and it doesn’t really bring anything fresh to the genre. The use of the gugl character is entertaining, and it ties this game into the many other gugl-related apps like Talking Gugl. Smack that Gugl is simple game with a simple premise that will appeal to children. It is currently available for $.99 on the app store.

Also other members of the Gugl family worth mentioning are Talking Gugl (Free) and Smack Match Gugl.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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