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On July 20, 2009

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA/MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — The mobile app market has exploded with a vengeance. With Apple now claiming over 50,000 iPhone apps and all the major handset manufactures beginning to follow suit, consumers have never had more choice for mobile apps that enhance the way they work and play. But with so many now available, how do you determine which it right for you? (1)™ is a new service designed to keep you updated with the most useful and entertaining mobile apps. It takes the hassle out of having to search through thousands of apps to find the best.™ reviews up to 10 mobile apps each working day for all the major platforms. You can read reviews and download the apps you like specific to your mobile platform. Founder of™ Ash Conway, says ‘Only apps that get reviewed carry the™ endorsement badge so you can be rest assured you are downloading only the best apps around’.

As well as delivering the latest and greatest mobile apps, the™ website also allows you to discuss and rate the ones you like. Your votes determine which mobile apps appear at the top of the top rated list. Facebook users can sign in with Facebook Connect and automatically share their comments with all of their friends on Facebook.™ also hand picks their favourite ‘Free App of the Week’ and makes it available for download from their homepage. Alternatively, you can leave your email details and receive our ongoing newsletter by email. This alone provides a steady stream of quality content. But if you’re looking for specific types of applications, the site allows you to filter and search by platform, archives, free or paid apps, app categories, tags, developers or reviews created by specific writers.

Best of all you can stay updated by RSS, Facebook, Friendfeed or Twitter feeds. So if you use an Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile smart phone or love using the most useful and entertaining mobile apps, then look no further.™ was created just for you.

About™™ was established to keep people updated with the most useful and entertaining mobile apps and helps developers showcase their apps, determine their popularity and promote them – making it easier to be discovered.™ connects people from around the world with mobile apps that enhance the way they work and play and takes away the hassle of having to search through thousands of apps to find the most innovative ones.™ publishes independent reviews on only the best mobile apps and syndicates these reviews across a range of mobile devices and web based media services.™ Follow Us On Twitter

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