SolAR System Discovery – Review – Not quite your typical space exploration guide

On August 4, 2012

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SolAR System Discovery – Review – Not quite your typical space exploration guide

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By: Loïc Lenouvel

Version #: 1.6

Date Released: 2012-05-11

Developer: Studio Eclyptik

Price: 0.99

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A virtual encyclopedia on the deep abyss of space, SolAR System Discovery is one app that will open your eyes to the magnificence and marvels of what lies beyond our beautiful blue skies.

Rendered in 3D, SolAR System Discovery presents beautiful simulation of our solar system spread across the far reaches of outer space. Termed an augmented reality system, SolAR System Discovery gives users a precise representation of the various planets in our solar system and even pays great attention to intricate details like textures.

However, the drawing factor of SolAR System Discovery is that it is not just a boring encyclopedia, but one that provides interaction with users through a very unique gameplay system. Yes, this app in itself is a game too.

To play the game, users visit the developers’ website to print out physical cards that they scan with their device using the app. With a total of 9 cards representing the 9 planets in our solar system to be printed out, expect to spend quite some time exploring the intricacy of this application.

For a mere dollar, this app is definitely worth every cent of the $0.99. An app of this standard deserves to command a much higher price tag and thus getting it at a dollar is indeed a worthy bargain. This app definitely gets both my thumbs up.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Takes awhile to understand how to scan the physical cards.

Who Is It For:People who want to learn more about the secrets of the universe.

What I Like:The augmented reality card system.

What I Don't Like:The hassle of having to print cards out.

Final Statement:You're definitely in for a ride.

Read the Developer's Notes:
More than a simulation, a real interstellar travel!

You are going to conquer the space with your device and travel in this wonderful 3D simulation of the solar system and fully interactive with the Augmented Reality technology.

### Augmented Reality ###

To take full advantage of augmented reality:
1 / Print from MARKER:
2 / Focus with your iPhone or iPad on the MARKER
3 / And go into another dimension between real and virtual!

- New: 9 AR-Card representing each planet are now available.

### Immersive 3D & Interactive ###

- Environment touch
- Control Orbital Camera
- 3D representation of the following planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
- Textures HD
- Information planets (distances, temperatures, ...)

### Accelerometer ###

- Environment controlled by Accelerometer - Real 360°
Simply brilliant and highly precise, you want to look up, right, ... you can simply direct your phone or tablet.

### Technology ###

- VUFORIA (by Qualcomm)

### Media Required ###

- iPhone4 / 4s
- iPad2 / iPad3
- iPod Touch last generation
- iOS 5.1

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