Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor Review – A never before experience!

On November 6, 2012

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Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor Review – A never before experience!

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By: Tiger Style Games © 2009 Tiger Style LLC

Version #: 1.4

Date Released: 2012-10-24

Developer: Tiger Style Web Site

Price: Free

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App of the week! I guess, that will tell alot of things and I shouldn’t waste any time telling you how awesome this game is, but I can affirm that Spider- The secret of Bryce Manor is totally worth the reward. Though this is a really old game, it took the latest update to catch the attention of folks at Apple.
Be excited because you are given the privilege of being a spider and have all sorts of silky adventures. You have found your new home, an abandoned Mansion and you move around the house catching flies. As you move from room to room, we get curious about the family who lived there. We learn more about the Bryce family and a bigger plot begins to develop. Completing all the levels will gradually unveil the mystery and that is the ultimate goal of this 4.5 rated game.

Who describes an app better than its developer? “Where is the family who lived here? What happened, and why did they leave? Search for clues as you adventure from room to room on the hunt for your next meal.

Each level is a vintage room illustrated by a classic hand drawn figure. You can weave webs across objects and trap flies for snack. Jump around the scene and find the hidden areas for extra points. Once all flies are in your tummy, a portal opens to progress to the next level. The background score does its job well, in adding to the mystery. You can access your past levels, high scores, stats and achievements form the info icon at the bottom.

No ads and no IA purchases makes me wonder if I am still in the Appstore. Things couldn’t get any better and hope that you guys will enjoy your spidey time!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course, I do wnat to know what happened to the Bryces

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Everybody, especially kids

What I Like:The concept and storyline

What I Don't Like:The zoom out feature is not so intuitive

Final Statement:Dont let the bugs bug you!

Read the Developer's Notes:
You are a spider. One afternoon, you discover an abandoned mansion. Where is the family who lived here? What happened, and why did they leave? Search for clues as you adventure from room to room on the hunt for your next meal. Build webs of your own design: in the corners, under the furniture, and in the forgotten places too small for humans. Are you a shrewd enough sleuth to decode the mystery and uncover the Bryce family secret?

- Touch to walk, swipe to jump, and build webs by drawing shapes in the environment.
- Powerful, intuitive controls; easy to pick up, challenging to master.

- 38 beautifully hand-illustrated levels to explore, optimized for the retina display.
- Hunt your insect prey, leaving Bryce Manor covered in cobwebs!
- Search for family secrets in the shadowy basement, beneath the floorboards, and in the darkest corners.

- Use instinct and guile to track down an assortment of tasty insects.
- Tackle hornets, herd mosquitoes, stun dragonflies, attract moths with light, and more!
- Plan your meals wisely! Run out of silk and risk your demise.

- 4 game modes offer limitless depth: race against time in Feeding Frenzy, solve the puzzles of Precision, and survive the intensity of Hunger Mode.
- Earn 48 challenging Achievements including Linebacker, Gaping Maw, and One Fell Stroke.
- Compete with the world on the Spider global leaderboards. Spin together massive combos to get the highest score!

- Use Facebook Connect to share stories and compare high scores with your friends!

- Enjoy the delicious Spider soundtrack, or listen from your own music library.

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