SugarSync– Amazing Web Storage And More

On June 8, 2008

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SugarSync– Amazing Web Storage And More

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Date Released: 2008-06-08

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SugarSync is far more than just a backup program.  In my review over at JustAnotherMobileMonday I wrote that,

"On the simplest level SugarSync provides online backup and file storage. It smoothly and unobtrusively backs up selected files or folders. SugarSync, however, is a whole lot more."

SugarSync keeps some or all your files in sync across multiple computers. It is cross-platform and works with Windows and Mac as well as offering web-access. Resident versions are available for Blackberry and Windows Mobile and an iPhone optimized website provides easy to use access to all your files.

SugarSync uses the industry’s highest standard of encryption in both directions during sync, as well as while files are stored on their redundant servers.

A variety of subscription levels allow you to get just the right mount of storage for you and a free 45 day Trial lets you determine if SugarSync is worth the cost of a subscription. We think it is and recommend trying it out.

I have been using it since the Beta was first released and currently have a 60GB subscription. I have not had a single issue with the service and am happy to be one of their customers.  

Read the Developer's Notes:
For life’s daily challenges, one slick solution that’s a world apart.

Complete Peace of Mind. 100% Automatic.

SugarSync goes where ordinary online backup doesn’t — backing up your files, photos and more in real-time without any manual effort. Guarded with industrial-strength security and encrypted network connections, your data was never so safe.
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More Than One Computer? Even Better!

Where ordinary backup services stop, SugarSync is just getting started. Back up all the computers in your home and/or office to the same personal website. At the same time, keep your files in sync on all of your computers — PC or Mac.
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Get your stuff where (and how) you want it.

SugarSync redefines remote access. Access your files from any web browser or mobile phone — even when your computer is offline. Access files across all your computers — you choose which files get synced and which are available on-demand.
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Leave Your Laptop at Home.

How can you fit your laptop into your phone? With SugarSync, it’s automatic. View and share files located on any of your computers right on your phone’s browser — no phone software required. It’s a must have for on-the-go people.

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