Super Bunny Breakout Free Review – Breaking out with cuteness

On January 10, 2013

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Super Bunny Breakout Free Review – Breaking out with cuteness

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By: Zynga

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-11-01

Developer: Atari Interactive

Price: Free

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This one is definitely for the younger one, and every bit of it screams cuteness within. Remember the timeless classic Breakout, where you had to bat a tiny ball around destroying bricks to clear levels? I could never understand why a tiny ball like that could destroy seemingly indestructible bricks and for what purpose in the first place, but in a time where plots were highly irrelevant, that hardly mattered. In Super Bunny Breakout Free however, the classic is re-imagined and given a new spin.

Here, players catapult and ricochet little bunnies off the play area to destroy trinkets of what appears to be the lab of an evil scientist. Unfortunately none of the game spells evil given the cutesy graphics and how you will notice yourself spazzing over the pure loveliness of the bunnies. The game does offer a little twist to the system though, where instead of having a fixed amount of lives players use an energy system. For each bunny that is unsuccessfully bounced off and back into the test tube field, players lose a bit of energy. This energy can be re-accumulated or bought through in-app purchases but should it run out then players will have to swap for a new animal or wait until it gets refilled.

As far as the gameplay itself goes, I was wrong to have thought such a genre would be easy to play on a touch screen. It is no surprise to underestimate Super Bunny Breakout Free given that it seems rather obvious that manipulating a little paddle around on a touch screen would be easier than to do it on small buttons like on older devices. However, the game gets unpredictable on where the rabbits bounce off and this is where it all gets tricky.

A free app, I give this my thumbs up.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Simple

Who Is It For:Fans of the old classic

What I Like:The pure cuteness of the game

What I Don't Like:NA

Final Statement:A refreshing twist to a timeless classic

Read the Developer's Notes:
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The energy crisis is over! Thanks for the feedback on the energy regeneration issue. This has been fixed and we are excited to have you play this game!

Super Critters of the world, unite! Free the bunnies and their critter friends enslaved at E.A.T. (Evil Animal Testing) Labs. Break them out in crazy fun mini game challenges that combine classic Atari Breakout-style gameplay with physics-based puzzlers.

Gather your team of genetically-altered Super Critters, nurture them and band together to destroy E.A.T., so all the poor lab animals can return to nature where they belong!

•10 FREE levels of laboratory breakout madness!
•Awesome, real-time physics and a handsome character to unlock!
•Tons of cool power-ups: Time Warp, Anti-Gravity and more!
•Decorate your tree house with snazzy furniture and make it feel like home!
•View, feed and play with each Super Critter!
•Game Center integration

Upgrade to the paid version to get many more handcrafted levels and new characters to unlock!

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