TakeMeBack – Review

On September 29, 2008

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TakeMeBack – Review

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By: Tomas Matuschek

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-02


Price: 0.99

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This is one of those totally cool applications that, while you could certainly live without, at just $0.99 it is worth buying and keeping on your iPhone.

The app does one simple thing and it does it well.  With a clean, easy to use interface, it allows you to record your current position and then, at a later time, map directions back to that position.

While you could do this within the mapping program that ships with the iPhone, TakeMeBack makes it simple to do with large, clear buttons (In stark contrast to the mapping program which has small, hard to tap, buttons).

When you first start the app it asks to use the location-feature.  A single tap later and your current position is marked.  If, however, the GPS does not yet have a good lock on your position, the app asks if you want to wait or use the less accurate data currently available.

When the time comes to return to that original place, you simply tap the button marked “Take Me Back” and it immediately fires up the maps app creating a path from your current location to the original one.


I tried it a number of times today, and it worked perfectly each and every time.

So what is it that could be improved with this application?

It would be great if you could record more than one position at a time.  I suspect, however, that would complicate an app whose biggest selling point is it’s simplicity.

It would also be great if the application would “permanently” mark both the starting and finishing points.

In all this is a nice app for $.99 and well worth keeping on your iPhone.

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again: Yes 
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Anyone with an iPhone 3G due to the requirement of a gps chip in order to have any degree of accuracy.. 
What I like: Easy to use. well conceived and executed.
What I Don’t: Doesn’t allow you to mark multiple starting points. 

Final Statement: When getting a decent GPS lock, this app works well, and for the price, its something I think everyone can find a use for.  Definately worth your time to check out. 

Read the Developer's Notes:
Never get lost again! Let TakeMeBack guide you back to any place on Earth with a tap of your finger.
It's amazingly simple, just:
1. Tap "Store Location"
2. Run off to anywhere!
3. Tap "TakeMeBack"
TakeMeBack can either provide you with driving directions or just display your original position on Google Maps. There are virtually endless situations when TakeMeBack will come to your rescue:
* Find your way back to where you parked your car!
* Mark where you put up your tent and go for a wild hike in the woods!
* Store the position of that special store you need to find later on!
* Use it to get back to your hotel after a day of shopping!

You can't go wrong with TakeMeBack! To fully take advantage of TakeMeBack you need the GPS function available only in the iPhone 3G.O U R   T A K E  .  .  .

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